Jobs That Could Be Taken By Artificial Intelligence In The Near Future

Jobs That Could Be Taken By Artificial Intelligence In The Near Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the talk of the town. You simply can’t think of a technology, business, or any other framework that is free of AI and machine learning. You can already see different kinds of robots doing the same work as humans and even with more efficiency.

Robots do the work more accurately because there is no room for human error. With the increase in interest in this field, there is a concern that AI will take over all human jobs. But it is not completely true. There are still many jobs that need human creativity, reasoning, intelligence, and decision-making. But yes, AI will take over many jobs in the near future. Let’s move on to find out what artificial intelligence is and what kind of jobs it could possibly take over in the next few years.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as stimulating human intellectual properties in machines. These machines, specifically computers, perform different tasks like humans, mostly without errors. AI machines mimic human actions like learning, reasoning, and decision-making. That’s why every sector is looking for a way to use AI in their day-to-day businesses. AI machines are more efficient and need less supervision to do the tasks.

Basically, AI uses a large volume of labeled data to analyze the correlations and patterns and make decisions based on these patterns. An excellent example of AI is a chatbot that is fed with different data and responds to every question, just like humans.

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Jobs That AI Could Take Over In The Future

As of now, you are familiar with Artificial intelligence and its working. Now, let’s move forward to find out which jobs AI could take over in the future.

1.  Receptionists

Greeting customers, receiving phone calls, scheduling meetings, and answering queries are the main tasks that a receptionist does every day. AI robots can easily handle these repetitive tasks and even perform them better than humans.

2.  Taxi and Bus Drivers

You can already see self-driven cars nowadays. Tesla invented self-driven cars, and now other companies are following the same route. These cars do not need drivers or any assistance from humans. You can put your final destination on the map and sit comfortably in the car; it will take you there safely.

These cars use AI to follow the path and manage their speed and distance from other vehicles to perform their job smoothly. So, you can say that in the near future, you will see taxis and buses without drivers.

3.  Doctors

AI is blooming in the healthcare department. From booking appointments to treating patients, AI can be seen everywhere. You can already see robot doctors performing critical surgeries in different parts of the world. With the advancement in this technology, you will soon see AI replacing doctors completely. AI-powered robot doctors will treat and operate patients more efficiently than humans. It will also eliminate any risk of infection and other human errors.

4.  Soldiers

AI robots are already being used for various military purposes like surveillance, intelligence, and more. Many people believe that robots will soon fight battles as they need less supervision to carry out a task.

5.  Customer Care Representatives

Customer care representative is another job category that AI can easily take over from humans. Today, almost every business uses chatbots to interact with customers and answer their queries. Companies can answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) using AI without needing humans.

6.  Security Guards

Artificial Intelligence has made considerable advancements in the physical security sector. You can already find AI robots performing inspection duties in large companies. They have high-definition cameras and sensors that can detect any suspicious activity. There is a huge chance that AI-powered robots will completely replace human security guards in the future.

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7.  Proofreaders

AI-programmed robots or apps can easily replace human proofreaders. Grammarly is a tremendous example of this. Grammarly uses AI to correct the text’s grammar, punctuation, tone, and more. You can use AI to proofread a large document quickly. Also, AI significantly reduces the error margin, so it is the way to go.

8.  Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts assist businesses in developing or selling a product, the customer’s needs, and how to overcome competitors. They gather all the data about clients’ preferences, prices of the products, and business conditions. AI is getting more and more attention in this sector as well because AI robots can handle large volumes of data and can arrange it more efficiently than humans.

9.  Courier Services

The logistics and manufacturing sectors have already seen different changes with the advancement in AI. There are robots that carry out various tasks in the manufacturing department. AI drones are already taking over courier services. Now, customers can get their orders at their door footsteps with the help of AI drones.


AI is advancing quickly and in every field. All businesses now prefer AI services over humans. In the future, AI will cover much of the work done by humans, as mentioned earlier. But it will all happen at a slow rate. It’s not like you wake up one morning and find out you have lost your job due to AI robots. This process will take a lot of time. It will make life easier, especially for businesses, as they require smooth and error-free work. 

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