How Has Technology Transformed Education In Pakistan?

technology effect in pakistan education

Technology has been making an impact on every industry and the education industry is no different. Technology has now paved its way into the education industry where it is changing education in multiple ways instead of delivering information only. 

The role of technology in transforming education in Pakistan is undermined. People all across the country can now use technological devices and gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. to access educational material, create educational content and share it with others, and access learning material both inside and outside the classroom and it has also made the school administration more effective and improved the communication between schools and families.

Some people have their doubts regarding the incorporation of technology and the transformation of education because they think that education can still be achieved in the same way they did, but there is no point in giving our children outdated and ancient education when the whole world is moving forward.

It is already evident that the world is becoming a global village and the future will be all about technology and gadgets. So without the help of technology, we cannot give the education that our children need to compete with the world and handle the technological challenges in their life. Below we have mentioned some of the ways in which technology has transformed education in Pakistan:

Digital Classrooms

The trend of digital classrooms is increasing in Pakistan. After the COVID pandemic, most private schools, colleges, and universities in Pakistan are making their classrooms more digital by introducing technological gadgets like computers, projects, interactive whiteboards, touch screens, etc. Through these gadgets, students are not only gaining digital literacy, but they are also learning their whole curriculum in a fun and interactive way.

Students of all ages are encouraged to use internet facilities on-campus and also at their homes to gain extra knowledge about different topics instead of learning and cramming the book only. Along with this, different educational apps have also been launched in the country which aim to help students with their learning and provide them with knowledge more efficiently.

Remote And Video-Based Learning

After the pandemic, video-based learning and remote learning became popular. Video-based learning is intended for those students who don’t like going to campus to attend classes. It is an entertaining and exploring form of education that is gaining popularity among students. Students who find it hard to cope with the fast-paced learning on campus can now enroll in different courses through video-based learning.

There are many universities and institutions in Pakistan that are offering online video-based courses and diplomas, such as Virtual University. With video-based learning, students can study at their convenience, in the peaceful environment of their homes.

The Increase In Use Of Educational Apps

The use of educational apps on smartphones and tablets is increasing among students. Different educational apps like Noon Academy and Maqsad are being launched on Play Store and App Store to help students with learning and provide knowledge to them more easily. Schools, colleges, and universities are also playing their part by encouraging students to use educational apps to access study material. Apart from this, apps like Anagram Solver are also being used in Kindergarten classes to help children with solving difficult anagrams easily.

E-Books Are Getting More Popular

The use of E-books is becoming popular around Pakistan. Students now prefer to have e-books downloaded to their mobile phones through which they can access their books in digital form instead of having to bring books with them or search in the library for books. As the use of tablets and iPads is increasing among students for study purposes, so is the use of E-books, which make it so convenient to access any book by any author.

Learning Apps And Games For Children

Young children and toddlers are also enjoying the benefits of technology as the use of technology has increased in classes for toddlers and young children. The use of tablets and technological gadgets for educational purposes has improved significantly. Children are being introduced to many apps and learning games through which they are getting hold of new concepts and learning new skills. These apps and games include word games, puzzle games, unscrambler apps like Scrabble Word Finder, etc.

Wi-Fi Availability

Last but not least, thanks to technology, Wi-Fi facilities are now being provided in universities and colleges so that students can access information from the internet and complete their assignments and group tasks. Most assignments and group tasks are now assigned to students through portals and students are required to submit them in digital form. Before the advent of technology into the education sector, WiFi availability was only a dream for many.

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