Essential Winter Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

Essential Winter Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

Skin care has become an essential chore since the climatic conditions are getting harsh day by day. It takes just a little effort and minimum time from your daily routine because our face gets exposed to Ultraviolet rays of sun and cold air during winter season. In winter season low humidity decrease the concentration of moisture from our skin and makes it dry, flaky and itchy.

For skin care routine we need to follow these steps/tips to make our skin happy and healthy during the cold winter season.

Apply a Good Moisturizer

Our skin needs a daily dose of moisturizer we should add an oil based moisturizer overnight as well as during the day. Not only on our face, but we should also take care of our elbows and knees, deeply moisturize them and later cover them with cotton socks. It is also recommended to add a good sunblock into your skin care routine so it’s a must to use a good SPF to keep your skin fresh and wrinkles free. The best time to apply a moisturizer is after thoroughly washing your face with a good quality face wash preferably having vitamin E in it.

Enough Amount of Water

Water is an essential component to have in your daily routine and it benefits your skin in many magical ways. It keeps your internal organs hydrated and toxin free which leads to a clear and healthy skin. The good amount of water which is 12 glass of water or minimum 2 litres per day is mandatory to get a healthy and well hydrated skin.

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Avoid Directly Exposing Your Skin To Sun Rays

During winters it is a common practice to sit in sunlight while directly facing the sun. This could prove fatal for your skin as it causes damage to the layers of skin alongside leading to skin problems like dark spots, pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. The best way to avoid skin damage due to exposure to sun is by wearing a good sunscreen with a skin protection factor higher than 60. It is also recommended to always sit in opposite direction to the rays.

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Home remedies help a lot when it comes to skin care, but they do not suit everyone so always perform a patch test before applying anything directly on your skin. A very well known and tried and tested remedy for dry skin is applying home made night cream. This night cream consists of pure glycerine, lemon juice, rose water and vitamin E oil. Applying this mixture regularly could largely help one to combat dry skin problems in winters.

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