Job vs Business, which one is better?

Job vs Business, which one is better?

What is a job? 

A job is basically a full-time or part-time employment in which a person does a job in lieu of money. A job can be of any kind based on your profession and the demand of the particular organization for which you are working.  

The important point to note in doing a job is that there’s always a person or a boss whom you have to be answerable to and who is superior to you. This is the person who assigned you all the tasks well been on the job and who assesses your performance appraisal as well as decide your salary. 

Furthermore, there are always risks in a job usually a company or an organization never fires you without a pertinent reason, but there’s always a risk factor involved. However, you don’t need to worry about the repercussions as you will always be compensated and remunerate for your job.  

What is a business?  

A business is basically an organization, which is particularly set up with a goal, there are two or more than two people are involved to achieve a definite goal. However, business comes with its own risk as the success and failure of the business have really depends on whom you chose to be your employees and subordinates.  

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Job VS Business 

In order to compare job and business, we need to look at different aspects of having a job and a business. Few of them are entering below. 

Risk factor: 

Business involves more respect than a job in a job and it doesn’t matter what kind of work you are doing. You are not as much involved in the risk, as in a business. You will get your monthly pay no matter what. Meanwhile, if you leave your current job, then it is a greater chance of getting rehired by another company.

In a business, you have to spend a lot of time in order to learn multiple things. You are even at the risk of losing your business overnight so therefore job is better than business in terms of risk. 


It is a well-known fact that a businessman earns a lot more money than someone who is doing a job because in a job, no matter how much effort you put you only get a certain amount of remuneration. However, a business owner can earn as much money as possible, depending upon the effort he is putting into it. 

Therefore, in terms of money business is much better than a job. 

Effort putting:  

In a business, you need to put a lot of effort because you are the owner of the company and it is your responsibility to make company flourish and progress. However, in a job you are not wholly and totally responsible for the progress of a company, you don’t have to make much compromises, sacrifices, give up on things in order to excel at your job. Therefore, in terms of putting effort job is much better and less strenuous, than a business. 

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It is a known fact that the boss of the company has so many responsibilities as compared to someone who is just an employer in a company.

Learning perspective: 

Learning something which is subjective and totally depends upon the person who is the boss or employer in a company. However, when you are at a higher position, you learn a lot more things than someone who just have to do a single monotonous task daily. Therefore, you can learn much more by being a boss of a company instead of an employee. 

Switching between the two:  

It is definitely a tough job for someone who is the owner of the company to switch on Job. The boss is basically not proficient anyone of particular skill for which you can be hired. Secondly, he’s always over or under qualified. Therefore, switching a job for an employee is much easier than for a boss.  

Personal satisfaction: 

As per different studies, it is claimed that 80% of the employees are not usually satisfied with your job. However, a business owner will always be almost 80% of the time satisfied with his work and what he’s doing because he has the freedom to do things, according to his own, will, therefore business is better than a job in terms of personal satisfaction. 

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To conclude, it can be seen that both businesses as well as job have their own benefits and downsides. However, it totally depends on someone’s own will and the resources, abilities, skills and knowledge he has about a particular job or a business that what suit him the best. Therefore, it is pretty much subjective as someone can be a good employee and be happy about his earnings while someone can be a boss of a company and may mismanage a lot of things that can lead the business into chaos. 

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