Finishing Cost of 1 Kanal House in Pakistan

Finishing Cost of 1 Kanal House

Smart planning is required to construct a 1 Kanal house. A reliable work force team, construction related material, arrangement, and also you needed to formulate your finances.  

AboutPakistan Property portal provided you a complete overview of the finishing cost of a 1 Kanal house for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the detailed review of the budget for a 1 Kanal house.   

Finishing Cost of A 1 Kanal House 

For those readers who already seen our other posts regarding construction cost in building 5 Marla house or construction cost in building 10 Marla house knows exactly what you need to have while constructing a house in Pakistan.  

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The house under discussion is a 1 Kanal double-story house with a total surface area of 5,950 sq. ft. A covered area of 3,000 sq. ft. is on the ground floor. and has 2,700 sq. ft. on the first floor. The height of the mumtee is 250 sq. ft. It is a house of 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a master bathroom; each floor has a kitchen.  

The estimated construction cost of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house is expected to be around 7,414,250. Check out more details regarding the construction cost of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house. 

This analysis will clearly cover the budget of a 1 Kanal home.  

Finishing Material Cost of 5 Marla House  

Item  Type  Quantity  Rate (PKR)  Cost (PKR)  
Tiles & Marble          
Tiles Floor  Master  465  2,000/sq. mtr.  930,000  
Bath Floor  Master  140  1,500/sq. mtr.  210,000  
Terrace  Master  75  1,200/sq. mtr.  90,000  
Garage  Master  700  75/sq. ft.  52,500  
Stair Marble        162,500  
Kitchen Shelves Marble        50,000  
Labour        375,000  
Lights & Lamps  A+ China      235,000  
Fans  GFC/Royal  14  5,500  77,000  
Switch Boards  OPAL  35  700  24,500  
Power Plugs  OPAL  35  450  15,750  
Exhaust Fans  GFC/Royal  8  2,500  20,000  
Breakers/DB        100,000  
Electrician        50,000  
Kitchen & Bath Accessories          
Hood & Knob  Signature  2  50,000  100,000  
Sink    2  15,000  30,000  
Vanity Sets    6  9,000  54,000  
Commodes    15,000  90,000  
Bath Set  Master  5  20,000  100,000  
Bath Hangings  Master  5  5,000  25,000  
Plumber        50,000  
Paint & Ceiling          
Ceiling    5,575  65/sq. ft.  362,375  
Rockwall/Exterior        125,000  
Paint  Master      625,000  
Windows & Mirrors          
Windows Aluminum + Glass        575,000  
Mirror        75,000  
Staircase Railing        125,000  
Doors        325,000  
Wardrobes        425,000  
Kitchen Woodwork        450,000  
LCD Rack        100,000  
Door Handle        40,000  
Total Cost        6,068,625 

As described in the above image, the finishing 1 Kanal house contains categories and subcategories which needs to be dealt according to set priorities. 

Tiles and Marble 

Pasting tiles involves professionalism. When it comes to building a house, you should never sacrifice quality and there are certain construction materials which require focused assistance and tiles is among them. Let’s take a look at the number of tiles required to create a Kanal 1 house. 

At the rate of PKR 2,000, about 465 tiles are used in the house flooring. It does not include tiles for the terrace, garage and bathroom. The overall cost is around PKR 930,000. 

At least 75 tiles will be needed to create the house’s terrace. The cost for tiles per piece is PKR 1,200, which will take your total to PKR 90,000. 

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You will need 700 tiles at the rate of PKR 75 per sq. ft to create the car porch or garage for a 1 Kanal home. The total cost is PKR 52,500 per sq. ft. 

The professional labour cost in pasting tile will be around PKR 375,000. 

Marble is traditionally used in Pakistan to construct the staircase of a building. If you want to use marble in the unit under consideration to finish the stairs, then you will need around PKR 162,500. The number floats around PKR 50,000 to create kitchen shelves and the countertop 

Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 1,870,000 

Electrical Components 

It is necessary to install switch boards and place electrical wires in those places that are easily accessible to children in order to prevent any mishaps and electrical shocks. 

At a rate of PKR 700, which brings the total to PKR 24,500, about 35 switch boards and push buttons are expected. 

At the rate of PKR 450, the same number of power plugs and sockets, about 35, will be used, bringing the sum to PKR 15,750 

It will cost you about PKR 235,000 for lights, lamps. 

In the unit under consideration, at least 14 fans will be installed; each fan would cost you about PKR 5,500, bringing the total to PKR 77,000. 

About PKR 20,000 will cost you 8 exhaust fans, while each exhaust fan will cost PKR 2,500. PKR 100,000 would be the expense of circuit breakers used in the building. 

To conduct all the activities, you would employ an electrician, which will cost you about PKR 50,000. 

Cost of electrical components = PKR 522,250 

Kitchen and Bath Accessories 

You have to spend in bathroom accessories of fine standards. 

Without decorations in the kitchen and bathrooms, a home is incomplete. One kitchen hood costs PKR 50,000 and for the unit under consideration, you’ll need two. So, for two kitchen hoods, you’d need about PKR 100,000. Likewise, with each unit available for PKR 15,000, there are two kitchen sinks, bringing the total to PKR 30,000. 

Per unit, bathroom hangings cost PKR 5,000; and in total, you will need PKR 25,000 worth of product. In the meantime, somewhere around PKR 90,000 would be the total cost of building 6 commodes; each commode will cost you PKR 15,000. Furthermore, you’d need at least 6 and the cost is PKR 9,000 per set, which means you’d need to splash out a total of PKR 54,000. A bathroom without a set of toilets is just not a bathroom. You would need 5 full bath sets that are available per unit for PKR 20,000; the overall price will therefore be PKR 100,000. 

Total Cost of Kitchen & Bath Equipment = PKR 449,000 

Paint and Ceiling 

It is advisable to start paint in you newly built house after inserting all switchboards and light fixtures. 

When choosing the right colour for your new house, be careful. First, add a base coat and then utilize different layers of paint to give your house the sophisticated look. To do the job for you, please remember that you will most certainly need a specialist. The painter’s fee will be included in this part. Be ready to pay out PKR 625,000. 

Rockwall is what people usually go for in Pakistan for the exterior of your home. It’s not very complex and does not require a great deal of maintenance. As it adds strength to any additional layers, the rockwall base coat is very essential. For a 1 kanal unit, the total cost is PKR 125,000. 

Many house ceilings have a layout called a false ceiling. PKR 65 per sq. ft. would cost you. So, for an area of 5,575 sq. ft. it will cost you at least PKR 362,375 of covered area of a 1 kanal building. 

Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 1,112,375 

Windows and Mirrors 

While finishing the cost of 1 Kanal house we cannot ignore the importance of Glass and aluminum. The cost of installing aluminum windows and glass panes in the unit under consideration would be somewhere around PKR 575,000. The staircase railing would cost you around PKR 125,000. Mirrors would cost you PKR 75,000. 

Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 775,000 


When it comes to woodwork, cupboards, doors and kitchen cabinets are a must. If you invest in built-in wardrobes and cabinets, the money you might spend on purchasing these things separately can be saved. Of course, you must keep a close eye on the quality of wood as you create your own kitchen cabinets and personalized wardrobes. Here’s a rundown of the core aspects and their prices you’ll need to configure: 

  • Doors with polish: PKR 325,000  
  • Door handles: PKR 40,000  
  • Kitchen cabinets: PKR 450,000  
  • Built-in wardrobes: PKR 425,000  
  • LCD rack: PKR 100,000  
  • Total cost of Woodwork = PKR 1,340,000  
  • Total finishing cost of a 1 kanal house = 6,068,625 

This was a comprehensive breakdown of the complete construction cost of a 1 kanal house in Pakistan. After combining the total estimated grey structure for 1 Kanal house and total estimated finishing costs for 1 Kanal house, we get the final budget for a double-storey 1 kanal house. 

Total construction cost of a 1 kanal house = PKR 7,414,250 + PKR 6,068,625 = PKR 13,482,875. 

After a detailed breakdown the total estimated cost for a 1 Kanal house in Pakistan is PKR 13,482,875. 

Please Note: These are all the estimated prices based on the information provided by market sources. The estimated prices may vary from region to region and due to other factors.   

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