Construction Cost to Build a 1 Kanal House in Pakistan

Construction Cost Kanal House

Smart planning is required to construct a 1 Kanal house. A reliable work force team, construction related material, arrangement, and also you needed to formulate your finances. 

AboutPakistan Property portal provides you a complete overview of the construction cost of a 1 Kanal house for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the detailed review of the budget for a 1 Kanal house.  

Construction Cost of a 1 Kanal House  

For those readers who already seen our other posts regarding construction cost in building 5 Marla house or construction cost in building 10 Marla house knows exactly what you need to have while constructing a house in Pakistan. 

The house under discussion is a 1 Kanal double-story house with a total surface area of 5,950 sq. ft. A covered area of 3,000 sq. ft. is on the ground floor. and has 2,700 sq. ft. on the first floor. The height of the mumtee is 250 sq. ft. It is a house of 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a master bathroom; each floor has a kitchen. 

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This analysis will clearly cover the budget of a 1 Kanal home. In order to find the estimated figures, we need to first estimate the construction cost of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house to measure the total cost. 

Construction Cost of The Grey Structure of A 1 Kanal House 

Item  Quantity  Rate (PKR)  Cost (PKR)  
Bricks, Sand, Crush, Rori        
Bricks Awwal  135,000  11.5  1,552,500  
Sand Ravi  5,250  20/c.ft.  105,000  
Sand Chenab for Plaster  2,100 35/c.ft.  73,500  
Crush Margalla (Lenter/Lintel)  2,200 75/c.ft.  165,000  
Crush Sarghoda (Floor)  1,200 65/c.ft.  78,000  
Rori  -  -  65,000  
Cement, Kassu & Rebar        
Cement (DG/Maple/Bestway)  1,600  520/bag  832,000  
Steel 60 Grade (Mughal, Ittefaq)  9 ton/9,000 kg  134/kg  1,206,000  
Kassu  -  -  200,000  
Labour  5,950  395/sq.ft.  2,350,250  
Plumbing & Wiring        
Plumbing (Popular)  -  -  210,000  
Wiring (GM)  -  -  200,000  
Grills, Gate, Chougat        
Grills  -  190/sq. ft.  133,000  
Gate  -  – 80,000  
Chougat Steel  -  -  94,000  
Other Expenditures        
Termite Spray (FMC Biflex)  -  -  45,000  
Tank (TP)  -  -  25,000  
Total Cost      7,414,250  

Budget of the Grey Structure of a 1 Kanal House in Pakistan 

In the above figures, we tried to share each and every detail pertaining to cost of construction for a grey structure of 1 Kanal in Pakistan.  

You need the following building materials to construct the foundation of the grey structure house: rebar, bricks, cement, wiring, kassu, sand and gravel. In the grey structure, apart from these building materials, the installation of the main gate, septic tank construction and plumbing and wiring are also included. 

Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori 

In creating the grey structure of the building, bricks are significant. It is necessary to know the quantity of building materials used to determine the correct calculation of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal building in Pakistan. So, when constructing a 1 Kanal unit, the first thing you need to decide is the number of bricks. At a rate of PKR 11.5 per brick, about 135,000 bricks will be used to construct the base of the building. PKR 1,552,500 will be the gross costs spent on bricks. 

Sand and gravel are both important elements of a house’s base. You will need about 2,100 cubic feet of Chenab sand, which would cost you PKR 73,500, for a house as large as 1 kanal. Ravi sand is much cheaper than Chenab sand and is thus used in larger amounts than Chenab sand. In 1 kanal house building, approximately 5,250 cubic feet of Ravi sand is used at a cost of PKR 20 per cubic feet. So, for Ravi sand, a sum of PKR 105,000 would be required. 

The roof of the house is built using Margalla gravel. At the rate of PKR 70, about 2,200 cubic feet of Margalla gravel is used, bringing the total cost to PKR 165,000. At the rate of PKR 65, you will need 1,200 cubic feet of Sargodha crush to create the floor of the building. It will need about PKR 78,000 Sargodha gravel. In the creation of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal building, about PKR 65,000 worth of Rori is used. 

Cost of Bricks, Sand, Crush and Rori = PKR 2,039,000 

Cement, Kassu And Rebar 

Cement helps build the house’s base. 

Kassu is basically is a mixture of sand and mitti which is another significant construction material that you will need to include in your construction plan. The base of a 1 kanal house is used to construct approximately PKR 200,000 worth of Kassu. At the rate of PKR 134/kg, at least 9 tonnes or 9000 kg of 60-grade rebar is used, taking the total to PKR 1,206,000. Without using cement, no house can be built. At the rate of PKR 520, about 1,600 bags of cement will be needed. The overall cost of cement used for the building of a 1 Kanal house will therefore be PKR 832,000. 

Cement helps strengthen the foundation of your house. 

A mixture of sand and mitti, Kassu is yet another important building material you’ll need to include in your construction plan. Around PKR 200,000 worth of Kassu is used to build the foundation of a 1 kanal house. At least 9 ton or 9000 kg of 60 grade rebar is used at the rate of PKR 125/kg which brings the total to PKR 1,125,000. No house can be constructed without using cement. Around 1,600 bags of cement will be required at the rate of PKR 520. So, the total cost on cement used to construct a 1 kanal house would be PKR 832,000. 

Cost of Cement, Kassu and Rebar = PKR 2,238,000 

Labour Cost 

Typically, labourers charge per square foot. The rates are somewhere about PKR 395 per sq. when constructing a 1-channel home. Just ft. So, for a 5,950 sq. double-unit house with a covered area. The overall cost of labour will be PKR 2,350,250. 

Cost of Labour = PKR 2,320,500 

Plumbing and Wiring 

Plumbing and wiring is a very complex activity that you need to appoint a specialist or an expert who can do the work for you. Keep a budget of 210,000 PKR for house plumbing. The house’s internal wiring will cost you PKR 200,000. 

Cost of Plumbing & Wiring = PKR 410,000 

Grills, Gate And Chougat Steel 

In the construction of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal building, steel is of greatest importance. To construct the grey structure of a 1 Kanall building, around PKR 94,500 would be needed. Around PKR 80,000 would be needed to construct the house’s main gate. Safety grills are equally critical for ensuring safety in your home. These bars will cost you approximately 133,000 PKR. 

Cost of Grills, Gate and Chougat Steel = PKR 307,000 

Miscellaneous Costs 

The very base of your house can be eaten up by termites. A decent quality chemical repellent, however, sprayed at the right time will assist in destroying termites. You must maintain a budget of PKR 45,000 for termite spray. A septic tank is also included in the grey structure and in PKR 25,000 it can be assembled. 

Cost of miscellaneous items = PKR 70,000 

Total Cost of building the grey structure = 7,414,250  

The overall cost of building the grey structure of a 1-channel house will therefore be PKR 7,414,250. When the strategy is formulated and you can see your house’s framework, to complete the building process, you now need to concentrate on the finishing tasks. 

Meanwhile as per the estimates the overall finishing cost of a 1 Kanal house you will have to incur is PKR. 6,075,625. 

This concludes the total expense for the finishing of a 1 Kanal house.  

While merging the grey structure expense and finishing costs we will get the estimated final budget for a 1 Kanal house.  

Total construction cost of a 1 Kanal house is PKR 7,414,520 + total finishing cost of a 1 Kanal house is PKR 6,75,626 = PKR 13,490,145. 

The PKR 13,490,145 would be the complete construction cost of a 1 Kanal house.  

Please Note: These are all the estimated prices based on the information provided by market sources. The estimated prices may fluctuate and vary from region to region and due to other factors.   

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