Basement Construction Cost in Pakistan

Basement Construction

Basements can be an ideal method for your house to use space. In particular, if you are someone who is seeking for additional space in your home, this is a key element of a house.

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Costs to Incur While Building Basement 

This is the step-by-step guide to basement construction along with the cost which you need to bear while having a basement in your house: 

 1. Design Costs 

This includes expenses affiliated with the design and architecture of the basement. in order to avail the professionals service, you need to pay the architect and designers fees. Meanwhile, the cost for this is variable as it is based on the experienced level and asking fee of the experts. 

 2. Building and Permit Fee 

Prior to starting off with the construction of the basement, it is extremely important to get your construction permit. It will help you to carry on with your construction without any obstacle from the relevant authorities. Please note the permit varies from location to location. 

 3. Soil and Grading Cost 

Always inspect the soil in advance before construction starts. The water content of the ground is often high and leads to weaker foundational element conditions and dampness. So always go beforehand for soil tests to save yourself from future issues. 

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 4. Foundation Costs 

The cost of the foundation can be divided into concrete, pier and beam cost. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the rates of the construction material continuously change in the market. 

 5. Plumbing and Electricity Costs 

Plumbing and electricity cost is totally depending on your budget and your preference. This expense is a variable expense. You’ll also have to pay for their services for the plumber and electrician. The Rs. 8,000 for washrooms and Rs. 5,000 for the kitchen are usually charged by a plumber. 

 6. Labor Costs 

This is an enormous part of the total cost. The cost of labor differs from place to place. 


We have provided all the essential cost for you in order to give you a fair idea of the costs involved in building a basement. 

Please note: following estimated costing is for 4 Marla basement which includes a master room, washroom, storage and TV lounge. 

Item  Cost (PKR)  
Material Cost   
Cement Rs. 270/sq. ft.  
Sand Rs. 90/ cubic ft.  
Crush Rs. 200/ cubic ft. 
Steel Rs. 561/sq. ft.  
Bricks Rs. 47/sq. ft.  
Gravel Rs. 27/sq. ft.  
Total material cost Rs. 1195/sq. ft.  
Labour Cost   
Electrician   Rs. 22/sq. ft.  
Plumber Rs. 15/sq. ft.  
Contract Rs. 400/sq. ft.  
Steel Fixer Rs. 35/sq. ft.  
Total labour cost Rs. 472/sq. ft.  
Other Cost   
Water Stopper  Rs. 12/sq. ft.  
Excavation Rs. 35/sq. ft.  
Bitumen  Rs. 14/sq. ft.  
Polythene Rs. 6/sq. ft.  
Waterproofing  Rs. 30/sq. ft.  
Electric Item Rs. 20/sq. ft.  
Sanitary Items Rs. 45/sq. ft.  
Tax Rs. 42/sq. ft.  
Total Miscellaneous Cost Rs. 252/sq. ft.  
Total Cost of Basement  Rs. 1,919/sq. ft.  

These are the cost of a basement. Please note that these costs keep on changing according to the market trend over time and are not reliable. 

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