Morning People vs Night Owls: Who Are Smarter

Morning People vs Night Owls: Who Are Smarter

We all must have read a poem in childhood which said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  And this notion has been advocated by research quite recently. A recent research conducted by University of Ottawa has verified that morning people have a greater verbal intelligence.

A group of researchers at University of Ottawa, Canada published a latest study in Current Research in Behavioural Sciences that offered an insight into the effect of an individual’s daily routines, rhythms and activity levels at different times of the day on intelligence and not just the health.

“Once you factor in key factors, including time to sleep and age, we found the opposite, the morning people type have higher verbal ability” said Stuart Fogle, director of the University of Ottawa sleep research laboratory, in a University release. “This result was surprising to us and indicates that it is more complex than anyone previously thought”

Experts recruited volunteers and noted their Chrono type, a person’s tendency to be active in or morning and evening. It was revealed that most of the young people were evening type and older people appeared to be morning people type. This is the irony that our entire education system is based on morning routines which demands the young people to exhibit their intellect during the morning hours and here is where the student have to pay the price who are evening type and are forced to work during morning hours.

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However, researchers study people from all age groups and ruled out for any sleep disorder that could possibly effect the results.  It was concluded that establishing a rhythm in person’s routine is crucial because the brain craves regularity and this is how it drives intelligence. Thus, it is important to stick to schedule and not constantly try to catch up. The study proved that people who follow their circadian rhythm have the greater ability to manifest their intellect in a better way.

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