Education and Other Activities Closed Due to Coronavirus

Education and Other Activities Closed

Studies are heavily disturbed worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pakistan, education and other activities closed due to coronavirus for three weeks.

Pakistan being a developing country is getting highly affected by the coronavirus epidemic disease. All education institutes and madras have been closed and exams have been postponed as an extensive countrywide pre-emptive step to flatten the curve and somehow contain the virus spread. Students from all institutions have been told to stay home to self-isolate and social distance. It has been observed that young people are not getting highly effected themselves from coronavirus but they are acting as carriers for the virus and they may affect elderly people.

In Pakistan, education and other activities have been closed. HEC has directed all the universities and higher studies institutions to start giving online lectures to their students. Students are being told to attend online lectures with full attention. This closing of educational institutions was necessary because the virus is spreading quite rapidly. A high number of people are being diagnosed in the country and the numbers are exponentially rising. Selling of fake vaccines was also reported recently but still, there is no verified information related to any vaccine to cure COVID-19. A large number of cases are found in Sindh and in a single day 119 positive cases were reported from Sukkur. As of today, the total cases are 258 from across the country.

Education institutions around the world are being closed and in major cities gathering of more than 50 people has been banned. Office workers are working from homes and doing their duties online. Businesses have been shut down and daily waged people are laid off. Stock exchanges around the world are getting crashed and the industries are getting bankrupt. Holidays of medical staff and security institutions have been canceled. Restaurants and hotels have been closed and only home deliveries are available. Doctors are been told to do overtime and treat virus-infected patients. ICUs, emergency equipment and ventilators are being freed from other patients and allocated to COVID-19 patients.  

The virus has reached all the countries of the world. The total cases have crossed 200,071, the number of deaths has crossed 8009 and recoveries have crossed 82,759. Countries are taking desperate steps like closing off borders, putting cities under lockdown, banning gathering of peoples and canceling public events in an attempt to contain the spread. Europe is the epicenter of coronavirus now after China with Italy being the most affected country.

The virus has spread too much terror among the whole population of Pakistan and people are not going to public gatherings and mosques. PSL tournament has been postponed after foreign players rushed to their countries. Last night the Prime Minister held a talk and tried to give confidence to the panicked nation. He assured the nation that steps will be taken to control the spread. He asked the nation to get together and do a collective effort to get rid of the virus.

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