Fake Fruit Juices in Pakistan, both Fresh and Packed

Fake Fruit Juices

Everybody loves a glass of fresh fruit juice but juice companies are providing fake fruit juices and even freshly extracted juice from shops is not safe to be consumed.

Juice brands and fresh juice are consumed in a large amount in Pakistan. People prefer having juices at multiple times in their daily routine. Many people start their day by drink a glass of juice in breakfast and keep having it with every meal. They are highly fond of them but they do not care much about the purity and freshness of the juices. Companies and shops add different chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors to juices and milkshakes to make the taste richer and to sell them for a longer period. These chemicals are harmful and the body does not take them well.

All the juice packs contain ingredients written over like “contain fresh flavor, natural sweeteners, sugar, citrus, etc.” Such statements are based on the strategy of the juice companies to sell their products. Unfortunately, many do not care about the ingredients used in juices. These packed juices are sold as fresh juices and these juices do not get spoiled for months. On the other hand, our home-made fresh juice gets spoiled on the very second day and they can not be left out of the refrigerator. Yet, the company made juices are OK when kept out of refrigerators for days. The reality is the many chemicals, artificial flavors and preservatives are added to keep them consumable and give them rich flavorful taste.

The extra preservatives added to such juices to preserve them for months can lead to chronic toxicity that affects the human’s mental and physical growth. On the other hand, Arsenic metal that is used in juices is more harmful that causes skin cancer, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases if it stays in juice or liquid for too long.

Huge billboards of fresh juices, milkshakes, and smoothies can be observed outside the public area shops. They contain a picture of a fresh beverage with an attractive juice-filled glass, a beautiful model and catchy oneliner. These are marketing strategies to attract costumer. On the other hand, street vended fresh fruit juice shops are mostly in crowded markets and they are more prone to air pollution. Most of the time, they store water in a large open container and use it for weeks. The ice they use is picked up by their dirty hands and put into glasses. The water that the shopkeeper uses is not filtered. In Pakistan, water scarcity is an alarmingly huge crisis and only 10 percent of people have an approach to fresh drinkable water and these shops in such areas use dirty contaminated water to make juices.

These fake fruit juices are the sources of many germs and they are the cause of many body diseases, but in Pakistan, it is a common sight to see people standing at the side of a road and drinking a glass of juice in noise, dirt and air pollution of moving cars. Health authorities must increase their efforts to keep a check on the quality and take action again unhygienic and adulteration of juices.

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