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Fake Coronavirus Vaccines Being Sold in Pakistan

Fake Coronavirus Vaccines

A person was recently caught selling counterfeit fake coronavirus vaccines in Karachi. That person was identified as a dentist by profession. According to the police statement, the man was selling fake vaccines in the defense area Karachi. His name was Dr. Dedar Ali, who put a banner out of his lab, showing that coronavirus tests and vaccines for its cure are available in his clinic. Law Enforcement caught him red-handed while doing professional negligence. The case caught the masses eye on 16th March 2020 when somebody shared the picture of his clinic banner on social media. Police have started an inquiry against him and he has been put behind bars.

This kind of misinformation is very dangerous when coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the world and cases have spiked in Pakistan as well. Karachi is the largest city in the country and as of now, the majority of coronavirus cases have been reported from the same city. Being an under-developed country, Pakistan is finding it difficult to cope with the dangerous situation coming by. With an exponential rise in the cases with every coming day, people are scared and bracing for the worst to come.

The scale of this pandemic is like never before and every country is facing severe conditions. The damage will be terrifying if the virus is not curtailed immediately. The medical resources of each country are not enough to diagnose their whole population and with a country like Pakistan’s the situation at hand is even worse. As of 17th March 2020, 183 people have been diagnosed positive with the virus and only 3 days ago the cases were just 34. This is how rapidly the virus is spreading.

The disease is highly contagious and the worst part is that the flu symptoms appear after 10 to 14 days. People are spreading the disease to anyone they are touching even before the symptoms are onset, which makes the situation uncontrollable.

“Prevention is better than cure” and “Socially isolate to flatten the curve”, are the new mantras the world is following because there is still no verified and tested vaccine to cure the disease. The only solutions are to wash hands with soap, self isolate, socially distance and shed physical contact with anyone. Pakistanis have also started following the prevention cautions issued by the World Health Organization.

All pharmaceutical companies around the world are rushing to invent the vaccine to cure the virus and Pakistan is also trying hard to invent. Students of NUST University have done successful research and they have developed a vaccine that is now in its final trails.

Hoarders around the world are making the most of coronavirus and the rates of sanitizers and masks have been increased many folds that no poor can afford. Four men in Azizabad were caught who were found storing sanitizers and masks and were waiting to sell them in black.

Pakistan needs to be proactive and take strict action on the malpractice going on regarding fake coronavirus vaccines and prevention tools. The government must increase the awareness regarding COVID-19 and diagnosed people must be treated with the utmost care and the people they contacted must be kept in quarantine.

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