Finishing Cost of 5 Marla House in Pakistan 2021

Finishing Cost of 5 Marla

Smart planning is required to construct a 5 Marla home. You need to employ a reliable and committed to work team of staff, select the right building materials, work on the house’s design, layout and prepare your finances accordingly. 

AboutPakistan Property portal this time presents to you a complete overview of the cost of finishing a 5-marla house for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the detailed review of the budget for a 5 Marla house. 


Covered Area 

The covered area is 1,925 sq. ft. for a double-story 5 Marla building. There is a covered area of 875 per sq. ft. each for the first floor and the second floor. There are two kitchens, three bedrooms along with attached washrooms and a mumtee. 

Tiles are used as house flooring and marble is used only on the stairs and on kitchen shelves. There are two phases of the constructing of 5-marla house: 

  • Building the Grey Structure 
  • Finishing of the House 

The overall cost of building the grey structure of a 5 Marla house will therefore be PKR 2,626,875. A detailed estimated analysis for the 5 Marla house can be reviewed here

After the grey structure the next phase is finishing of the newly constructed house.  

Finishing Material Cost of 5 Marla House 

Item Type Quantity Rate (PKR) Cost (PKR) 
Tiles & Marble     
Tiles Floor Master 158 2,000/sq. mtr. 316,000 
Bath Floor Master 65 1,500/sq. mtr. 97,500 
Terrace Master 18 1,500/sq. mtr. 27,000 
Garage Master 22 1,500/sq. mtr. 33,000 
Stair Marble    75,000 
Kitchen Shelves Marble    30,000 
Labour    130,000 
Lights & Lamps A+ China   110,000 
Fans GFC/Royal 11 5,500 60,500 
Switch Boards OPAL 15 850 12,750 
Power Plugs OPAL 18 475 8,550 
Exhaust Fans GFC/Royal 2,500 15,000 
Breakers/DB    30,000 
Electrician    18,000 
Kitchen & Bath Accessories     
Hood & Knob Signature 50,000 100,000 
Sink  15,000 30,000 
Vanity Sets  9,000 27,000 
Commodes  15,000 45,000 
Bath Set Master 19,000 57,000 
Bath Hangings Master 5,000 15,000 
Plumber    20,000 
Paint & Ceiling     
Ceiling  1,650 65/sq. ft. 107,250 
Rockwall/Exterior    30,000 
Paint Master   300,000 
Windows & Mirrors     
Windows Aluminum + Glass    175,000 
Mirror    20,000 
Staircase Railing    65,000 
Doors    135,000 
Wardrobes    150,000 
Kitchen Woodwork    150,000 
LCD Rack    50,000 
Door Handle    26,000 
Total Cost    2,465,550 

The above-mentioned figures are the estimated cost for the finishing of 5 Marla house. 

Tiles and Marble 

Normally those who are building a 5 Marla double storey building prefer using good quality tiles. Here are the details regarding tiles usage in house. 

To build the flooring of the house at the cost of PKR 2,000, about 158 tiles are needed. This estimate does not include the tiles for the garage, terrace and bathroom. The overall cost will be PKR 316,000 for the flooring. 

65 tiles required to finish the bathrooms. The cost for the tiles is PKR 1,500 sq. mtr. That would cost about PKR 97,50000. You will need 18 tiles to create the terrace of the house at the rate of PKR 1,500 per sq. mtr. The approximate cost of building the terrace floor will be PKR 27,000. 

Meanwhile, you will need 22 tiles at the rate of PKR 1,500 per sq. mts. when constructing the car porch or garage. The overall cost will be PKR 33,000. However, a professional tile expert is needed in order to neatly and quickly pasting tiles. Furthermore, you have to cut tiles in certain cases to fill in the gaps. For this, it is best to recruit experts. The cost of labor will be around PKR 130,000 for tiles. 

Moreover, you also need to acquire marble to construct the staircase and top of the kitchen shelves. For this purpose, you will need to have at least PKR 75,000.  

Total Cost for Tiles and Marble = PKR 708,500 

Electrical Components 

A proper planning is required for installing of switchboards and power plugs. As it involves electricity it is highly recommended to place it on a certain level from where children cannot insert their fingers. Here is the breakdown of electrical equipment needed for 5 Marla house. 

At the rate of PKR 850, you’d need about 15 switch boards and push buttons. This implies that the installation of the switch boards would need PKR 12,750. At the rate of PKR 475, about 18 power plugs and sockets are used, meaning a total of PKR 8,550 will be needed. Meanwhile, Installation of lighting, lamps will incur a cumulative cost of PKR 110,000. 

Furthermore, 11 fans in total need to be purchased, costing around PKR 5,500 per unit. In order to equip fans, a total budget of PKR 60,500 should be allocated. 

There must be a good exhaust system built. Overall, 6 top quality exhaust fans from Royal or GFC exhaust fans will be needed to fulfill the requirement. Four in the washrooms, two in the kitchens. An exhaust fan costs you PKR 2,500. 

However, a professional electrician will be needed to install each and every thing in a proficient manner. The labor cost for the electrician will be approximately around 18,000. 

Cost for Electrical components = PKR 254,800 

Kitchen and Bath Accessories 

Bathroom accessories and sanitary fittings are considered as the vital phase while finishing of the 5 Marla house. 

To give your kitchen and bathrooms a finished look, there are several construction items required. Two kitchen hoods should be installed, as there are two kitchens, with an approximate cost of PKR 50,000 per hood. So, in order to buy and fit the hood in the kitchen, you’d need PKR 100,000. For a total of PKR 30,000, two kitchen sinks of PKR 15,000 are required. 

Three bath hangings with a price of PKR 5,000 units are required, taking the total amount to PKR 15,000. 

Similarly, it would need three PKR 15,000 commodes each, costing about PKR 45,000. 

Installing one vanity set would cost you PKR 9,000, so it would cost you PKR 27,000 if you had three vanity sets built. With each bath set costing you PKR 19,000, about 3 complete bath sets of PKR 57,000 are needed. 

In order to avoid disturbance at later stage, it’s better to hire a experienced plumber for all the related work. The plumbers labour cost will be approximately PKR 20,000. 

Total Cost for Kitchen & Bath Accessories = PKR 294,000 

Paint and Ceiling 

The completion of the house consists of two sections. One is the paint done inside the house on the walls and the other is the outside section of the house. The paint job should preferably be completed after switchboards and light fixtures have been installed. 

It is harder to paint a newly constructed house because it requires careful application of the base coat. Therefore, to do the work for you, you need a competent painter. In this, we have included the expense of the painter. It is valued at about 300,000 PKR. 

Rockwall is also used for the outside. Marble chips are used in rockwall. The wall is plastered and washed first, then the base coat is applied using acrylic and white sand. As it reinforces the walls, the base coat is very important. The overall expense is PKR 30,000 for the rockwall. 

PKR 65 per sq. ft. is the rate for false ceiling, including material, and for any design. So, for an area of 2,125 sq. ft. double story 5 Marla house, PKR 107,250 will cost you. 

Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 437,250 

Windows and Mirrors 

Windows and window frames, wire mesh and glass panes are used in the aluminium and glass work in buildings. The cost is PKR 175,000 for aluminium windows and glass. Mirrors will cost 20,000 PKR. For the staircase, you need railings that cost you PKR 65,000. 

Cost of Windows and Mirrors = PKR 260,000 


wood is used in different parts of the house such as kitchen cabinets, doors, bathroom cabinets and decorative racks in the living room and lounge,  

The prices can vary from seller to seller, but purchasing wood and letting your carpenter design it into cabinets and doors is highly recommended, rather buying ready-to-use cabinets from the market because you can’t be sure of the material. 

There would be one semi-solid wooden door and there would be Malaysian plywood for the rest of the frames. It would have cost you PKR 135,000. UV Ply Boards, or more generally called formica sheets, are used for built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. 

PKR 150,000 is needed for wardrobes and PKR 150,000 for kitchens as well. Various fittings such as door handles will cost you an extra PKR 26,000. You can create an LCD rack with a PKR 50,000. 

Total Cost for Woodwork = PKR 511,000 

Total finishing costs of a 5 Marla house = PKR 2,465,550 

This concludes the total expense for the finishing of a 5 Marla house. 

While merging the grey structure expense and finishing costs we will get the estimated final budget for a 5 Marla house. 

Total construction cost of a 5 Marla house is PKR 2,626,875 + PKR 2,465,550 = PKR 5,092,425. 

So, there you have it — the PKR 5,092,425 would be the complete construction cost of a 5 Marla house. 

Please Note: These are all the estimated prices based on the information provided by market sources. The estimated prices may vary from region to region and due to other factors.  

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