YouTube to demonetize ‘low quality’ kids content

YouTube kids

Google is making changes to its YouTube policies in order to encourage the creation of high-quality content on the network. YouTube will begin demonetizing “low quality” video created for kids on the regular YouTube app and YouTube Kids in November.

Videos that encourage negative behaviour or contain excessively commercial content, according to YouTube, will be considered low quality and demonetized. YouTube warns that these films will receive few to no advertisements, and that breaking the rules will result in expulsion from the YouTube Partner Program.

This new change comes in addition to content requirements such as adherence to YouTube’s community guidelines.

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This move is part of Google’s recent attempts to make YouTube and YouTube Kids a more welcoming environment for kids and their families. At the start of the year, the search engine giant also increased parental settings for teenagers. However, Google has recently begun to introduce new child safety features to its many platforms.

A change to the default upload setting on YouTube, which changes content visibility to the most private option for teens and kids, is one of these safety enhancements.

Here’s what Google said regarding its most recent policy changes: “Our ultimate goal is to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for families while also rewarding trusted providers of high-quality children’s and family content”.

Potentially affected creators and channels have already been reached out to by YouTube, it said in the blog post.

The policy changes will take effect next month, but it will be a while before they are completely implemented.

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