YouTube is adding ‘supervised experiences’ to help parents decide what their kids can watch


Like other applications, YouTube is adding a new feature of parental controls called ‘supervised experiences’, which will enable parents to place various restrictions on the type of content they want their children to watch. 

By adding new parental controls, the biggest Video sharing portal has made it easy for parents to filter content for their children. Their children will watch only that content which their parents want them to watch. Now is the era of technology that has made our ecosystem digital.

The new and newer generation is the part of it where they have the mindset of viewing any sort of content. However, it becomes naturally the concern of parents of what their children are watching and what kind of content should be provided to their children, so they impose restrictions.

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To avoid such restrictions and concerns, YouTube is improving its policies. The previous restriction policy of platform was limited to the age limit that is now be easily bypassed. Although YouTube already has a “YouTube Kids” app, many parents were of the view that children need other things too to know the world more. They said that Kids YouTube does not meet all demands.   

Consequently, YouTube has improved more to help concerned parents place more ‘ground rules’ in a digital sense.  

Whereas, it is still unclear that what kind of content, YouTube has allowed and of what level. It has clearly been informed that the ‘Explore’ option on the application will display tutorials, news, educational content, music clips, vlogs, and much more. Meanwhile, sensitive topics will be highly restricted for children. 

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However, although the app has been updated many times and it has also admitted the fact it “will make mistakes”, still the app is working hard to ensure the safe users’ experience.  

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