‘You mean the world to me’: Sana Javed wishes Umair Jaswal on his birthday

Umair Jaswal birthday

Sana Javed wished her husband Umair Jaswal on his 34th birthday on Sunday, and along with his wife, many of his fans and family friends wished him on his big day for which he thanked everyone and also thanked his wife via Instagram.

“Thankyou for all the lovely birthday wishes,” wrote Jaswal. “ALHAMDULLILAH for everything, friends, family, loved ones and all of you amazing souls Your love and belief pushes me to do great things. Sending my love and prayers to all of you. Remember me in your prayers.”

Sana Javed took to Instagram and wished her husband by sharing an adorable post wishing Jaswal a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday to my most precious one,” she wrote. “You mean the world to me. Shine like the star you are!” concluded the actor.

In an Insta post prior to his birthday, Umair Jaswal penned an elaborate note detailing the song and why he was so attached to it.

“Coke Studio has become a part of me over the years and your love and constant support brings me back to the show year after year,” he noted.

“It was an absolute pleasure working on an original track. Two of my favorite producers come together in this track Rohail Hyatt and Shuja Haider. Both these producers have been a driving force in my musical journey and I’ve had the pleasure to create some amazing music with these guys over the years.” claimed the Khakhi Banda singer.

“Sanam Marvi is a living legend and I’m humbled to share this song with her. The lyrics resonate with every inch of my existence. Thankyou all for relating to it and telling me how much it means to you. A big shoutout to the whole team at CS and you guys for always believing in me,” concluded Jaswal.

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