World’s fastest speed boat arrives in Pakistan to boost tourism

fastest speedboat

A foreign Pakistanis investment team developed the world’s biggest and fastest speed boat to encourage adventure tourism in Pakistan.

Last week, the world’s fastest boat reached the country as improved tourism opportunities in the country have vexed the interest of investors.

Up-to-date speed boats have been functioning in established countries, which have prominent positions in the global tourism industry, like the United States, Australia, Canada, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, and Turkey.

“This is the first time that such a modern boat has been imported into Pakistan,” said Zulfiqar Momin, the director of the Greenland Corporation, the corporation of foreign Pakistanis that established the boat.

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Moreover, the speed boat is light-weighted but robust with the aptitude to travel fast in the shallow waters of lakes and rivers. It has two 320/320 horsepower jet engines, a swaggering general power of 640 horsepower or 12,400 CC.

The speed boat is fixed with a jet engine from the American company Mercury, reflectors were prepared in Finland while the boat was constructed in Turkey. It also comprises advanced safety features, like a refined seatbelt system.

Meanwhile, Momin stated that Hunza, being a beautiful attractive part of ​​Pakistan, had been nominated to run the boat from the month of May.

“Tourists visiting Hunza from all over the country will be able to enjoy this unique boat. Local tourism in Pakistan is growing rapidly and so is the hotel industry in the northern areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa [K-P] and Gilgit-Baltistan [G-B],” he said.

The route of the boat will be between Shashkat and Hussaini Bridge in Upper Hunza, and visitors will be able to relish the attractive scenery of Ardgar in the 15-minute ride.

As a consequence of the federal government’s initiatives to incentivize local and overseas tourists, stockholders are presenting an interest in capitalizing in the industry.

To take benefit of the opportunities generated in the tourism region, the Greenland Corporation decided to capitalize on numerous projects in G-B, comprising a zip line and other adventure tourism services.

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