WorldCall partners with World Mobile Group for Blockchain deployments

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WorldCall Telecom and World Mobile Group are collaborating to create an integrated digital economy landscape that will provide clients with a cutting-edge Digital ID and a secure e-Wallet. 

Subscribers would join the digital economy ecosystem, and various types of on-demand services targeting education, health, and other service sectors may be developed utilising this unique Digital ID. 

In this regard, WorldCall Telecom Limited (WTL) and the World Mobile Group (WMG) have formed a tight business partnership for the deployment of a blockchain-secured service management solution. 

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In addition to the existing roll-out projects, this agreement would ensure the availability of cheap internet connectivity across Pakistan. 

WTL’s transformation into a large technology-driven commercial entity would be aided by the new initiative. Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and “Broadband for All” projects are now being rolled out aggressively by the operator. 

World Mobile Group is spearheading one of the most innovative and intriguing blockchain implementations in legacy telecom infrastructure, with intentions to promote “Connect the Unconnected” all over the world. 

The WMG solution enables unparalleled network monetization, with all users around the globe aiming for the digital economy and telecom operators staying an integral part of the value chain. This exclusive relationship within Pakistan would be extremely beneficial to WTL. 

With its fiber-optic infrastructure and network connectivity already in place, customer signup and connectivity in its current FTTH and Broadband for All initiatives would be much greater. 

WTL would target a revenue upside from its broadband connectivity and increase its revenue streams with minimum costs if it used this technology. 

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