World has now passed the 10-crore mark for Coronavirus infections

world Coronavirus infections

According to the international media, the total infections of coronavirus have become more than 10 crores in the world so far. The number of deaths due to the virus is more than 21 lac by now and the active cases in the world today are more than 2.5 crore.

According to the report released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkin University, global Coronavirus cases have surpassed the ten crore mark, with over 21 lac fatalities.

The countries which are most affected by this virus are the USA, India, UK, Brazil, and Russia. Total patients of coronavirus in the United States of America so far are 26,166,423, the deaths are 439,521 and the number of active cases today is 9,784,075.

In India, the total number of cases is 10,702,031, the deaths are 153,885 and the total active cases at present are 174,540. Total cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom are 3,715,054, the number of deaths so far is 101,887, and active cases in the UK at present are 1,939,231.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the total cases of coronavirus so far are 9,000,485, the number of deaths by now is 220,237 and active cases at present in this country are 981,593. In Russia, the total number of cases of coronavirus, so far recorded is 3,774,672, the number of deaths in Russia due to this virus is 71,076 and at present, there are 501,113 active cases in Russia.

The current situation is highly alarming. It has been estimated that the world’s economy will grow at the rate of around 5% which is alarmingly low. Not only the health but the attainment of bread and butter could be the major issue for the big population of the world.

The vaccination process against Coronavirus infections has been started in many countries of the world. In the United States of America and other developed European countries, the vaccine of Pfizer, Oxford University, and Moderna is being used while in Russia and India, the locally developed vaccine is in use.

In Germany, vaccination has been started by vaccinating an old woman of 101 years. In the UK, the process of vaccination started by vaccinating an old woman of 90 years. The new strain of coronavirus which had started in the UK and South Africa is also spreading rapidly.

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