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What is Web Hosting?

When launching a firm, a startup, or practically any type of business in today’s world, the first thing you’ll need to consider is a medium via which you’ll connect with the public. The world wide web, commonly known as the internet, is a medium that has been adopted by many and is used to communicate globally. Due to such demand, a website is mandatory, but before that, you’ll first have to choose a name for your website or business which is called a domain name. Lastly when your website is ready and all developed, to upload it to the internet you would require hosting also. Tezhost, a global service provider, offers Web Hosting in Pakistan as well and can help you by giving the best domain and hosting solutions for you and your company.

Tezhost Services and Packages

You name it, we have it. Whether it’s domain registration or transfer, web hosting or becoming our hosting reseller and starting a franchise of your own, uploading your data, your website to our cloud servers or dedicated servers, creating your own website, and much more, we provide a limitless number of services and packages.

Packages are designed solely based on consumer requirements and their feedback. Our packages are based on international standards and made for everyone, from basic to enterprise-level, for local and for the global market. All are equipped with the most up-to-date, high-performing computer systems and utility applications available.

Such great services and packages all in very economical and affordable pricing without compromising over the quality but instead keeping it our top priority.

Website Name

Have your own website name and get it live within 5 minutes. A website name or a domain name can be any, it all depends on your requirements or whatever name you like and want to go forward with. Name any extension and we will arrange it for you. You want .com, .pk, .edu, .org, .us or almost any extension you want your website to be known and end with.

Upload your Website to the Internet

Once you have designed and developed your website. Now, it’s time to make it live all over the internet and available globally. You can do that by hosting your website on our servers. Our servers are located in the best possible locations of the world mainly in the USA and Europe. So, fast data transmission and a great website response rate are guaranteed with Tezhost.

We have various hosting packages for everyone. For starters, we have Basic Hosting with minimal features but is simple and gets the job done. In the second category, we have cPanel Hosting which suits many and best for most of the websites. For the Windows platform users, we have Plesk Hosting which caters to all your needs and requirements to make and manage your website live. All these three hosting options are further divided into sub-categories, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Choose according to your need and cost and get your website hosted with the best Web Hosting in Pakistan.

Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers

We only offer the best and the most advanced hardware and software equipment in the market. This is the reason among various offerings, we have Cloud Servers and Dedicated servers as well.

Cloud Servers are supercomputers that can be accessed and managed from anywhere at any time. With no need for a physical computer or server on your premises, you may effortlessly execute and administer all of your required applications. Cloud servers are the most cost-effective; you can easily acquire and maintain your equipment.

A Dedicated Server is an enterprise-level server mainly used by big organizations and industries that hosts a specific hosting client’s websites, apps, and services. Dedicated servers are commonly used to host high-traffic websites, web applications, and other hosting scenarios that require high performance. Dedicated servers are expensive but possess great computational power.

So, why wait any longer and get your very own cloud or dedicated server now. Visit our website where you will find a total of ten custom-built Cloud Server packages and a total of five great Dedicated Server packages. All equipped with high speed and powerful computer systems and latest utility software.

Free Security and Backups

Now that all the decisions and equipment needs and specifications have been finalized. What you need is your website and its data to be safe and secure. For website security, Tezhost provides Free encrypted SSL certificates and Free Site Lock to protect your website from various hackers and malware. With each website, you acquire and use email accounts also. To safely manage and surf through your emails and keep your inbox safefrom spam, we offer OX App Suite as well. Your data is the most important and vulnerable part of your website. Due to this, we do not take any risks and take Free Weekly Backups of your website.

Top-Rated Customer Support

Such customer support that is highly reviewed and appreciated by our clientele themselves. Need Technical support, Billing support, Web solutions, or almost any help, our young team of passionate and well-qualified individuals are here to facilitate you. Providing you with 99.9% service uptime delivery and full 24/7/365 days a year support.

So order now as e offer all our packages under very affordable and economical pricing but still, we provide discounts and a money-back guarantee. All this and still many more to offer are the prime factors that makes Tezhost the only reliable and dependable Web Hosting in Pakistan.

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