Wahyd Logistics Marketplace Empowering the Transporters


Wahyd has generated a marketplace that allows them to attach shippers and transporters locally by serving transporters discover, bid on, and gain loads at the main lanes where they run their fleets.

This step of Wahyd permits transporters to upsurge truck utilization charges and borders for themselves by decreasing empty miles and needless expenses such as unintended conservation.

Moreover, transporters struggle hard to preserve higher operating ratios as they have more competitors. They face a big problem that costs have raised but prices have remained still. They have to find out how to cut costs and boost operational efficiency by avoiding unnecessary expenses like adjusting maintenance schedules, driving “empty miles”, and evading unintended equipment breakdowns.

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Thus, Wahyd Logistics helps transporters in the following ways:

·       When a shipper posts a load, in a few minutes, the transporters who are already on the road and logged into the platform will be able to see the load and bid on it.

·       Transporters can see impending loads that are suitable for their truck’s specifications and position and they may select to either ignore or accept it.

·       Transporters will be able to exactly associate the cost of driving a certain route with another route.

·       Moreover, this app allows transporters to grasp how much time is remaining before they should alter their next engine oil, which helps them to make better decisions about when to change their engine oil on the basis of driving distance and the number of miles they have driven.

·       Contrasting many load boards, Wahyd’s podium will charge the transporters only when they win a load. Sellers on all other platforms charge transporters money to list their loads.

·       Wahyd Logistics delivers round-trip load shipments along with assured delivery and pick up that will permit transporters to evade having an empty truck return.

Wahyd’s marketplace is a leading tool in authorizing transporters, but they also have a devoted sales team that directly operates with shippers to make the best use of the rate of success for Wahyd Logistics users.

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