Utility stores jacks up oil and ghee rates by an average of Rs 70 per kilo

Utility stores

Essential commodities such as ghee, oil, spices, beans, milk, mixed milk, ketchup, detergent, and shampoo have all increased in price in Utility Stores across the country.

The price of high-quality ghee has increased from Rs 355 per kilo to Rs 402 per kilo, according to a notification published by the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), while the price of good quality cooking oil has climbed from Rs 385 per kg to Rs 412.

The price of a five-kilogram can of high-quality ghee jumped by Rs 237 to Rs 2,032 from Rs 1,795, while the price of a five-kilogram can of good quality oil increased by Rs 287 to Rs 2,085.

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The price of different brands of oil and ghee has risen by an average of Rs 70 per kilo.

The price of a 100-gram packet of turmeric has raised to Rs 43 from Rs 35.

A 50-gram package of garam masala has climbed to Rs 81 from Rs 67, while a 200-gram packet of white cumin has risen by Rs 32 to Rs 230 from Rs 198.

A 100-gram packet of big cardamom has gone up in price from Rs 95 to Rs 98.

The price of packaged milk has also raised by Rs 5 per litre, to Rs 162 from Rs 157 previously.

Mixed pickles have increased in price by Rs 65 per kilogramme, to Rs 350 from Rs 285.

A 950-gram ketchup container now costs Rs 268 (up from Rs 242), an increase of Rs 26.

Utility stores have also increased pulses rates. The price of daal chana increased to Rs 162 per kilo, up from Rs 145 previously.

Chickpeas climbed by Rs 53 per kilogramme to Rs 218 from Rs 165, while black chickpeas rose by Rs 17 per kilogramme to Rs 172.

Dal masur prices grew by Rs 85 per kg to Rs 215 from Rs 130, while dal mash prices climbed by Rs 13 per kg to Rs 278.

The price of 75 grammes of toothpaste has risen by Rs 43 to Rs328 from Rs 285.

The price of a 155-gram kheer has soared to to Rs 100, up from Rs 76 previously.

Shampoo prices for 175 to 186 ml of various brands increased by up to Rs 40.

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