UN chief wants coronavirus vaccine to be available for everyone

During an international conference which was organized to raise funds for new life saving vaccine, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that new vaccine must be available to everyone all over the world.

The virtual meeting was hosted by Britain and the main aim of the conference was to raise $7.4 billion for the immunization program which was stopped due to pandemic coronavirus.

During the video conference, UN chief Guterres said that the vaccine must be accessible to everyone, and there are number of world leaders who are calling for the vaccine. Now is the time to show empathy and ensure that everyone whoever that person is and wherever he lives must have access to the vaccine.

Boris Johnson the British Prime Minister called for a new period of worldwide health collaboration to unite humans to fight against coronavirus disease, especially in the poorer countries.

There were a total of 50 countries taking part in the virtual meeting and some individuals including billionaire Bill Gates also participated to raise funds for Gavi who is making the vaccine.

The pandemic uncovered some disagreements in the international mutual system, the main we saw was when President of U.S Donald Trump cut ties with the World Health Organization (WHO).

But Boris Johnson eagerly wants to help developing countries. He says by supporting the healthcare system of poorer countries to fight against coronavirus will not just help those countries but will also help to stop the global spread.

He also added that through the virus we came to know how connected we are and right now we are fighting with the unseen force and no one is safe out there until we all are safe.

Trump also shared his views through video message saying, the virus revealed that there are no borders and the virus does not attack someone on an ethnic base. We need to take care of it by showing unity and we will work hard to achieve the target.

At the moment coronavirus has killed 406,461 people from all over the world and over 7 million corona cases have been registered.

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