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Twitter adds auto captions for all video uploads in tweets

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Since Twitter’s CEO has changed, we’ve been hearing a lot about new features being released. This time, the company has created one of the most beneficial features: video captions that are automatically generated.

The platform has been working hard over the last several days to provide users with tools that would make their life easier, and the caption feature is the most valuable of them all. The automated video captions function on Twitter is a fantastic way to better understand what’s going on.

This feature’s official launch was announced on Twitter. This automatic video captioning feature is now available on Android, iOS, and Twitter on the web.

When the video is muted, captions will be generated automatically on both Android and iOS devices. When you click the “CC” button in the video player, subtitles will appear for individuals who are using Twitter on the web. The same button can be used to turn off captions.

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These automatic captions will be offered in 30 languages, including English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and Japanese. There are currently no alternatives for translating these languages, but the company may do so in the near future.

Also, because these video captions will only be available on new uploads, they will not be available on previous videos.

Twitter’s experience with accessibility features has been turbulent, but it has taken actions to improve. Twitter was harshly chastised for debuting voice tweets without captions in 2020, and it was subsequently revealed that the firm didn’t have a dedicated accessibility team at the time.

Twitter has since formed two accessibility teams, and it did ultimately provide captions to voice tweets, although much more than a year after they were first introduced.

Meanwhile, Twitter has also added live captions to Spaces, its Clubhouse-like audio room product.

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