Toyota massively increases car prices across entire lineup

Toyota car prices

News was circulating regarding the increase in car prices by Toyota for some days, but company was refuting all the price increase claims. However, with the shocking news, Toyota IMC have increased the prices of their entire lineup once again. 

The company claims that it has been exceptionally difficult for IMC to maintain the present retail selling prices as a result of the abrupt devaluation of the Pakistani rupee. The business stated, “Therefore, we are required to pass on some impact to the market.” 

The company states that until further notice, order intake is still suspended. The Indicative RSPs (Ex-Factory Karachi), which include the most recent CVT, are provided below for all CKD models. These costs are unstable, and they’ll continue to be what they are at the time of delivery. 

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The following are the new prices, which take effect right away: 

Toyota New Car Prices 

Variants Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.) 
Toyota Yaris New Price 
1.3 Gli M/T 3,039,000 3,799,000 760,000 
1.3 Gli CVT 3,249,000 4,039,000 790,000 
1.3 ATIV M/T 3,209,000 3,999,000 790,000 
1.3 ATIV CVT 3,379,000 4,209,000 830,000 
1.5 ATIV X M/T 3,449,000 4,309,000 860,000 
1.5 ATIV X CVT 3,659,000 4,569,000 910,000 
Toyota Corolla New Price  
Altis 1.6 M/T 3,909,000 4,899,000 990,000 
Altis 1.6 A/T 4,099,000 5,139,000 1,040,000 
Altis SE 1.6 A/T 4,509,000 5,639,000 1,130,000 
Altis 1.8 CVT 4,499,000 5,679,000 1,180,000 
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Beige Interior 4,859,000 6,149,000 1,290,000 
Altis 1.8 Grande CVT Black Interior 4,899,000 6,189,000 1,290,000 
Toyota Revo New Price 
Revo G 2.8 M/T 7,989,000 9,819,000 1,830,000 
Revo G 2.8 A/T 8,379,000 10,299,000 1,920,000 
Revo V 2.8 A/T 9,229,000 11,349,000 2,120,000 
Revo Rocco 9,729,000 11,999,000 2,270,000 
Toyota Fortuner New Price 
Fortuner G A/T 9,959,000 12,489,000 2,530,000 
Fortuner V A/T 11,459,000 14,279,000 2,820,000 
Fortuner Sigma 4 A/T 12,039,000 15,069,000 3,030,000 
Fortuner Legender 12,679,000 15,839,000 3,160,000 

More Price Hikes Expected 

The price increases will go on because of increased freight expenses, declining local currencies, and global logistical difficulties. As anticipated by Toyota IMC CEO Ali Asghar Jamali, Toyota IMC raised the car prices, which is likely to inspire similar actions from other automakers. 

In addition, the delayed clearance of the letter of credit for the import of CKD kits has resulted in a serious production crisis for the whole auto industry. The auto industry is going to be severely impacted by all of these concerns taken together. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • The Indicative RSPs (Ex-Factory Karachi) listed above only include the current CVT. Please be aware that these rates can be changed. These prices should not be taken as the final cost. The pricing in effect at the time of delivery shall remain in effect. 
  • Until further notice, there will be no order intake. 
  • The prices do not include transportation, transit insurance, or other fees that customers will be paid at the going rates.
  • The client is responsible for any price increases brought on by changes in government levies and taxes (including FED & CVT), tariffs, fiscal policies, import regulations, foreign exchange rates, etc. 
  • Regardless of the delivery month, advance income tax or WHT will be paid to clients based on the applicable tax rates for filers and non-filers under the Income Tax Ordinance. 
  • The terms and conditions of the Provisional Booking Order Form (PBO), which the customer must sign and submit, as well as the partial payment terms, apply to orders placed by customers. 
  • The prices are indicative ex-factory in Karachi and include dealer’s commission, relevant FED, 1 percent CVT, and a 17 percent sales tax on each unit. 

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