Tomb of Jahangir in Lahore makes it to the World Monuments Fund watch list for 2022

World Monuments Fund

Jahangir’s mausoleum complex has been nominated in the World Monuments Fund (WMF) as one of the 25 heritage spots on the World Monuments Watch.

The WMF nomination is of internationally renowned heritage sites whose preservation is crucial and vital to the communities surrounding them.

The place was selected by cultural heritage preservationist Yasmin Cheema and her team, in collaboration with the National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak), along with the support from the Directorate General of Archaeology, Punjab, according to the media persons.

The 17th-century mausoleum complex of Emperor Jahangir is the only Mughal Emperor commemorative complex in Pakistan and has the exceptional universal worth of being the merely single storied tribute construction for a Mughal emperor.

Moreover, the tomb is still undamaged that provides a sight of the magnificence of Mughal architecture and abstract cultural heritage of the period.

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As stated by Professor Yasmin Cheema, Jahangir’s tomb complex suffers many challenges, comprising the influences of climate change.

“Therefore, it is a matter of urgency to save the site’s authenticity and integrity, to pass it to the future generations, for them to know their history and identity.”

With suitable tourist infrastructure and participation of the local community, the mausoleum complex can become a rich economic resource for the country.

After a proper study, a maintenance strategy will be made by a multidisciplinary group of conservation specialists to conserve and re-establish the buildings in the complex to their original form and to revitalize the Chaharbagh (paradise garden) with the help of the traditional artisans and the groups living in the adjacent areas.

Furthermore, the World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the foremost autonomous organization dedicated to preserving the world’s best-treasured places to enhance people’s lives and make mutual understanding across cultures and communities.

The headquarter of the organization is in New York City with offices and affiliates across the world.

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