TikTok Stars Invited To Governor House Punjab

TikTok Stars

Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar and his wife called some TikTok stars at Governor House Punjab in order to create awareness to prevent coronavirus.

Specialists, doctors, motivational speakers, and many great personalities are continuously trying to spread awareness of COVID-19 but the population of Pakistan is just not waking up to the grave danger the virus poses. This is why the governor of Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar took a step to create awareness through TikTok stars, and this is an effort made by him which is expected to be successful.

TikTok is a famous short video making fun application where the youth of Pakistan is taking a special interest. The step that has been taken will help in a way that tiktokers will spread awareness of pandemic through lip-syncing on awareness videos and via acting etc. According to them, it is a ‘comical act’ though ironically specialists and doctors were disregarded by many and the same minds are making these TikTok stars a laughing stock.

These two political personalities invited some famous TikTokers and guided them to make their voice regarding awareness through their platform.

One TikToker namely Kanwal Aftab was asked of the reason behind their invitation at house of the governor, she said, “They invited TikTokers because from the last 6-8 months doctors are requesting people to stay home and stay safe and there is no one who is taking it seriously. People are thinking that the government is making them fool so they invited us to share this message.”

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