TikTok removes 15 million-plus videos from Pakistan in second quarter of 2022


The most popular short-form video platform in the world, TikTok, has now published its Q2 2022 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, covering the months of April and June 2022. This report continues TikTok’s approach to a multifaceted strategy to combat disinformation on the site. 

The report demonstrates the platform’s continued dedication to gaining trust by being honest and striving to create a friendly environment. According to a statement issued in this respect, the most recent version of the study “shows progress achieved in combatting disinformation and efforts made in the investment in digital literacy education to assist stay ahead of the problem at scale.” 

Around 1% of all videos published to TikTok were removed globally in the second quarter of 2022, totaling 113,809,300 videos. Pakistan placed second in the world for the most videos taken down in Q2 2022, with 15,351,388 videos deleted for breaking community rules. 

The majority of the videos—nearly 97%—were deleted within 24 hours of their creation, 98% before a user reported them, and 97% before receiving any views. 

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The platform terminated accounts for breaking community rules as well as accounts it found to be spam, along with any spam videos those accounts had posted. 

Additionally, it took proactive steps to stop spam accounts from being created automatically. Since the third quarter, TikTok has found 33 new examples of false information, leading to the global removal of 58,000 videos from the platform. 

The overall number of advertisements deleted for breaking advertising regulations fell in the second quarter of 2022. This is partly attributable to initiatives to boost account-level detection and enforcement tactics, which have aided in enhancing the ad ecosystem and producing better user and advertiser experiences. 

TikTok is adopting a new penalty system whereby if someone breaks one of its community norms, their account will earn a strike for this specific policy infringement. This is done to further emphasize its commitment to combating disinformation and guaranteeing safety. 

The website will keep track of the total number of offenses, and if the offender keeps posting illegal material, they will be permanently banned. Depending on the gravity of the infraction and the overall number of violations, a permanent ban may require a certain number of strikes. 

The community guidelines set by TikTok is also available in Urdu language as well. 

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