Thrills in the Sky: World’s Tallest and South Asia’s Longest Zipline Debuts in Kaghan’s Noori Valley

World's Tallest and South Asia's Longest Zipline Debuts in Kaghan's Noori Valley

In an exciting development for adventure enthusiasts, Kaghan Valley introduces the world’s highest and South Asia’s lengthiest zipline at Noori Valley. Stretching an astounding 7,521 feet in length and rising to a towering height of 1,250 feet, the zipline is swiftly becoming a prime attraction, adding to the splendor and thrill of the scenic valley. 

Situated a mere 40 kilometers from Balakot, this adrenaline-fuelled attraction offers visitors a unique experience amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Kaghan Valley. 

The unveiling of the zipline received commendation from Mansehra’s Deputy Commissioner, Bilal Shahid Rao, who expressed that the novel adventure sport amplifies the valley’s appeal for tourists. 

Initial riders of the zipline are already singing its praises. Expressing their pleasure with this new thrilling pursuit, tourists believe it brings a much-needed refreshing element to the valley’s tourism landscape. 

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This new addition to the Kaghan Valley’s attractions provides tourists the opportunity for an exhilarating escapade, allowing them to glide above the picturesque Noori Valley, adding a new dimension to their adventure experiences. 

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