Mohammad Amir Quashes Rumors of Tension With Pakistan Captain Babar Azam

Mohammad Amir Quashes Rumors of Tension With Pakistan Captain Babar Azam

Mohammad Amir, the ex-Pakistani cricketer, recently addressed the supposed discord between him and Babar Azam, the current captain of Pakistan’s cricket team. 

In an effort to dispel the swirling rumors, Amir made it clear in an interview with a local TV station that there exists no hostility between them. He spoke highly of Babar, emphasizing the respect he has always received from him during their time together on the team. 

“Babar, having been my junior when I was active on the team, has shown me nothing but respect,” said Amir, underscoring the camaraderie that prevails between them. 

Amir lightened the situation with a hint of humor, quipping, “Babar isn’t my ex-fiancé to harbor any ill feelings towards.” 

The comment illustrated the professional nature of their relationship, effectively dismissing the rumors of personal grievances between the two. 

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Amir also took the opportunity to clarify his previous comments regarding Babar, in which he was misconstrued as labeling the current captain as an ‘average player’ or a ‘tailender’. 

Amir, through his YouTube channel, lauded Babar’s technique and even declared him the top batsman in Pakistan. 

“I dare those who’ve twisted my words to show me where I’ve referred to Babar as an average player or a tailender. I’ve always termed him the finest batsman in Pakistan. His technique makes it tough for any bowler in ODI and Test matches, a point I’ve mentioned repeatedly. Would I call such a player a tailender?” he asserted. 

Amir emphasized his core point, “Whether it’s Babar Azam or a number 11 player, every wicket matters to me because it contributes to the team’s success.” 

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