Task Force Formed to Improve Pay Scale System in Higher Education Institutions

Task Force Formed to Improve Pay Scale System in Higher Education Institutions

The Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives has established a 21-member task force to review and enhance the pay scale system in higher education institutions (HEIs). Led by Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal, the task force comprises representatives from various government departments, including the finance and education sectors, as well as the Higher Education Commission. 

The primary objective of the task force is to introduce new competitive, performance-based, and market-driven pay scales that will attract and retain the best human resources in the field of research and academia. At present, the higher education sector in Pakistan lacks standardized pay scales, with institutions following either the Basic Pay Scale (BPS) or their own individual scales. 

This lack of uniformity in pay scales has resulted in salary discrepancies among faculty and staff, leading to demotivation, dissatisfaction, and conflicts. To address these issues, the task force aims to develop an equitable, transparent, and market-responsive pay scale system that also includes performance-based incentives. 

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Minister Ahsan Iqbal emphasized that recruiting and retaining top talent in the higher education sector is crucial for the development of a knowledge-based economy. He stated that the formation of the special task force demonstrates the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by HEIs. 

The task force will undertake a comprehensive review of the existing pay scale system, taking into account input from relevant stakeholders. Its recommendations will focus on creating a more effective and efficient framework that aligns with international standards and promotes excellence in higher education. 

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