PTI Alleges “Agencies Men” Behind Attacks After Imran Khan’s Arrest

Imran Khan Renews Call For Peaceful Protests In Pakistan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has accused “agencies men” of orchestrating the arson attacks and shootings that followed the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan last week. The party alleges that these incidents were carried out to justify a crackdown on the PTI. In video messages, Imran Khan himself stated that he would announce his “next plan of action” during a party protest in Muridke on Thursday, urging the nation to attend in large numbers. 

Imran Khan compared the current situation to the tactics used by Genghis Khan to instill fear in the public, stating that a culture of fear was being spread through electronic and social media. He expressed concern over the arrests and mistreatment of youth and the demolition of houses, emphasizing that these actions were meant to discourage people from fighting for their rights. He called for breaking free from fear and standing up for fundamental rights, the supremacy of the Constitution, and the judiciary. 

Meanwhile, the PTI issued a statement acknowledging the importance of a recent corps commanders’ conference, where the military’s top brass vowed to bring the violent protesters responsible for attacking civil and military installations to justice. The PTI highlighted the need for a credible investigation to identify those responsible for the arson and shootings during peaceful protests, claiming that there is “irrefutable evidence” to establish that armed miscreants infiltrated the gatherings with the intention of inciting confrontation between the PTI and the armed forces. 

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The party demanded a powerful judicial commission consisting of Supreme Court judges to investigate the matter and present the evidence they possess. They alleged that the incidents were carried out by “agencies men” to create chaos and blame the PTI, justifying the current crackdown. The PTI reaffirmed its commitment to the Constitution and democracy, emphasizing that peaceful protests after Imran Khan’s arrest were a natural reaction. 

In response to the ongoing tensions, Imran Khan called on the people to be prepared for sacrifices and not to lose heart. He encouraged them to participate in peaceful protests to fight for their rights, fair and free elections, and the removal of corrupt rulers. He also shared a video message recorded on March 22, stating that he consistently advised his party workers to engage only in peaceful protests regardless of provocation. 

The PTI chief’s upcoming announcement of his “next plan of action” during the Muridke protest is anticipated by his supporters. As the war of narratives continues, Imran Khan seeks to prove his innocence and rally the nation behind the cause of freedom and justice. 

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