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Swedish Embassy, UN Women Pakistan join hands to end violence against women

End Violence Against Women

Due to the 16 days of activism against the gender-based violence movement all over the globe, UN Women Pakistan and the Swedish Embassy in Pakistan honoured champions who played their part in increasing efforts to end violence against women and girls in the past year.

The details reveal that an event named “2020 in Retrospective – Celebrating Pledges Made to End Violence Against Women” was organized and was attended by government officials, diplomats, and development associates.

Greeting the guests at the ceremony, the Swedish ambassador, Henrik Persson, appreciated the rigorous struggles of stakeholders to stand against gender-based violence.

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He told: “No country is unaffected. Gender-based violence is found everywhere. Clear policies, legislation, and changes of attitude are necessary. The self-evident right of women, girls to decide over their own bodies is being challenged. It must be defended.”

Moreover, in 2020, in the global theme of “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, and Collect!” UN Women Pakistan exhilarated participants to make pledges for ending violence against women, and a number of commitments were received by partners to fulfill funding gaps, present political will for work for an end to violence, and certify necessary facilities for survivors of violence.

The UN Women, Country Representative Sharmeela Rasool congratulated the meaningful steps taken by the award winners in solidarity for ending violence against women and girls.

“We haven’t responded to the shadow pandemic of violence against women in a way we have responded to the current pandemic of Covid-19. Without us acting together, we will not be able to end this grave violation of human rights. I appeal to all women and girls, men and boys to be the voice of the voiceless, break the cycle of violence, and don’t just be a passive bystander,” she said.

Human Rights Secretary Inamullah, the chief guest at the ceremony, said: “Domestic violence acts have been promulgated by all four provincial governments. The Ministry of Human Rights has also introduced the Domestic (Prevention and Protection) Bill, 2021 which has been under consideration by the Parliament. Sensitization and awareness-raising of the public are one of the regular features to end violence against women.”

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