Surge in Violent Attacks on Sikh Community in Peshawar Raises Concern

sikh community in pakistan peshawar

Last Saturday, In a tragic turn of events, an unidentified duo on a motorcycle assassinated a Sikh community trader, named Manmohan Singh, in the Kakshal neighborhood of Peshawar. 

SP City Abdul Salam Khalid informed that the brutal attack took place around 8pm. Singh was en route to his home in Guldara Chowk when he was ambushed by the motorcyclists, resulting in critical injuries. 

Khalid stated that the perpetrators fled the crime scene before law enforcement could reach, leaving the motives and their identities still to be ascertained. 

He added, “An extensive investigation is currently ongoing to discern if this was a premeditated assassination or a random act of violence. The ultimate determination will be possible only upon the conclusion of the investigation.” 

In a similar vein, another upsetting incident unfolded in the same vicinity last Friday, where an unidentified gunman targeted a Sikh store owner. 

As per Muhammad Alam, Peshawar Police spokesperson, the attack occurred near Guldara Chowk against Tarlog Singh, a Sikh community member. Singh, a Daggari resident, suffered a bullet wound in his leg and has since been released from the hospital after receiving necessary treatment. 

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In response to these incidents, law enforcement agencies have initiated investigations, scrutinizing all potential angles to uncover the motive and culprits behind these attacks. 

In a related event in March, another merchant from Sikh community was fatally shot by unidentified motorcyclists in the jurisdiction of the Rehman Baba police station in the provincial capital. 

Reportedly, the victim, Dayal Singh, resided in Peshawar’s Mohalla Jogan Shah neighborhood. In an alarming correlation, Dayal Singh’s two cousins, Ranjit Singh and Koljit Singh, fell victim to a fatal attack last May in the outskirts of Sarband Butta Tal Bazar. The assault was subsequently registered as an act of terrorism. 

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