Six-team PSL 7 set for Karachi, Lahore amid COVID protocols


All six PSL clubs have received the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for the seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Players and staff personnel who breach the PCB’s COVID-19 SOPs can be banned for up to five matches, according to the guidelines.

The PCB has classified the breaches into many categories. Minor offences can result in fines ranging from 25% to 50% of the match cost, while serious offences can result in a ban ranging from one to five matches. In the event of repeated violations or a far more serious violation, a staff member may be removed from the event.

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Outside of their rooms, players and staff members of the franchises will be obliged to wear their masks at all times and keep a six-foot gap between them. They are also prohibited from sharing cricket equipment, kits, or bottles. The players have also been told not to shake hands in the locker area with each other or with the staff.

The PCB has established a committee to investigate Covid-19 breaches during PSL, and their decision on any violation is final.

The physiotherapists and massage therapists must wear masks at all times, and the players have been told to keep their physiotherapy sessions to 15 minutes. The players have also been told not to enter the isolation room unless they have been granted permission first. All of the protocols stated above have been classified as “minor violations.”

Players or staff members inviting individuals to their hotel rooms are examples of “major” violations. Only hotel management will be permitted to enter the players’ room. Players are also prohibited from ordering anything into their rooms without first contacting the PSL bio-secure bubble’s integrity manager.

The athletes have also been told that they must immediately disclose any symptom to the integrity manager, and that failure to do so might be regarded a significant violation.

The athletes are also not permitted to meet anyone from outside the bio-secure bubble, according to the health and safety rules. It will be regarded a major offence, and if proven guilty, the squad member may face a lengthy ban.

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