Single dose of Covid vaccine halves transmission of virus

dose of the covid vaccine

The first dose of the covid vaccine reduces the danger of transmitting the disease to the extent of 30% to 49%, revealed study.

According to the Health Secretary of Public Health England said that everybody needs to get a vaccine as soon as they are eligible. The studies of Public Health England say that vaccines are vital in helping us return to the normal way of life.

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Not only do vaccines reduce the severity of illness and prevent hundreds of deaths every day, but we now see even single dose of the vaccine also have an additional impact on reducing the chance of passing Covid-19 on to others.

The study of the of Public Health England is based upon the research that was done on 57000 people of 24000 families’ report whose laboratories’ report showed the coronavirus positive and they had been vaccinated.

These individuals were compared with those 10,000,00 people who did not take the vaccine. The majority of people were less than 60 years.

University of Warwick epidemiologist Mike Tildesley said that the finding was important and asked the people to be vaccinated as early as possible. He is of the view that we should remember that the vaccine is 100% effective either at preventing severe symptoms or at allowing yourself to be infected but the evidence is suggesting they are providing at least some level of protection from passing the virus to others if you are infected. 

Meanwhile, Mike Tildesley said that the study was more evident that everybody needs to be vaccinated. Even they at risk of developing severe symptoms in order to get a much higher level of protection across the population and reduce the number of people who get severely ill and die from the disease. 

In Pakistan, the government has started the process of vaccinating people of age over 50 free of cost and it is the need of time that the process of vaccination should be accelerated    

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