Sindh’s Minister Calls for Stricter Measures Against Exam Misconduct, Including TikTok Activities

Ismail Rahoo, Sindh’s Minister for Universities and Boards, has expressed profound dissatisfaction with the province’s educational boards over their failure to eliminate cheating during exams. The Minister has issued clear instructions to board chairpersons and controllers to impose stricter regulations on students found guilty of such infractions. 

In a specific instance that reflects the increasing impact of social media on academic settings, Minister Rahoo has decided to impose penalties on matriculation students from Hyderabad who were found creating TikTok videos during exam time. The Minister has issued a province-wide directive for other boards to replicate such punitive actions. 

In a further move aimed at enhancing examination integrity, the Sindh Government has ordered chairpersons to station female vigilance teams at examination venues. The Government underscored the need for an increased presence of vigilance teams in all centers and specifically mandated the deployment of female teams in girls’ exam venues. 

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Furthermore, Minister Rahoo highlighted the necessity of cracking down on students who sneak mobile phones into examination halls, potentially for cheating purposes. He concluded by asserting the crucial importance of adhering strictly to the rules and regulations within all examination centers across the province. His stance underscores the government’s commitment to uphold academic integrity and foster a fair and honest educational environment. 

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