Sindh criticizes federal policy about repatriated Pakistanis

repatriated Pakistanis

The PTI Federal Government has been vehemently opposed by the Sindh government on their policy to allow repatriated Pakistanis who come from abroad to go to their houses without getting the result of coronavirus tests.

On Thursday, the Federal government policy of permitting people coming from abroad to go home without getting COVID-19 test results was opposed by Sindh provincial government spokerperson.

Murtaza Wahab, the Adviser to the Sindh Chief Minister suggested that the government must not allow the repatriated Pakistanis from other countries to go back to their home until the result of coronavirus tests is received. “Those who tested negative for coronavirus should be allowed to go home,” he said in a statement.

“Some 123 out of 246 people who arrived from Saudi Arabia recently tested positive for coronavirus. They should be kept in isolation centers. Allowing the passengers to go home without waiting for their test result is a negative policy that will further spread the virus,” he said.

The adviser said that only those passengers who test negative should be allowed to go home. He said that the Sindh government would keep tracing the positively tested passengers in order to keep them in the isolation ward.

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