Shehzad Roy Launches an Educational Pathway for Women, Offering Career Opportunities in Teaching

Shehzad Roy Launches an Educational Pathway for Women, Offering Career Opportunities in Teaching

Celebrated musician and humanitarian, Shehzad Roy, has launched a unique career opportunity for female intermediate students in Karachi, opening a new doorway to professional development. 

He is inviting these students to undertake a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree at the Government Elementary College of Education (GECE). Graduates of this program are assured employment through Durbeen, his non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in Pakistan. 

This strategic move creates a clear pathway from education to employment, with Durbeen offering its graduates government teaching positions in the schools under its administration. These positions have the potential for upward mobility, as they could eventually be converted into grade-16 government teaching posts, upon passing a teacher licensing test. 

The remuneration for these positions will be on par with professions such as banking and law. Applications are currently being accepted for the program until July 8. 

This initiative comes on the heels of the Sindh government’s recent approval of a teachers’ license policy last month, aimed at fostering professional skill development among educators. 

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This policy encompasses three types of licenses designed for primary, elementary, and secondary teachers. As a part of the policy, newly minted teachers are required to sit for a licensing exam. Upon passing, they will be awarded a license valid for five years, with renewal options. This license will serve as a necessary credential for career advancements in the teaching profession. 

These licenses will be integrated into the hiring process for 700 upcoming teaching vacancies, with successful applicants placed in grade BS-16 positions. The policy is being devised by professionals from esteemed institutions like the Aga Khan Board and Durbeen, emphasizing the importance of quality education and structured professional growth. 

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