SECP registered 4,791 real estate and construction companies in FY22

SECP registered 4,791 real estate and construction companies in FY22

According to annual report of Security and Exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP), over 26,000 companies were registered with SECP in the fiscal year 2022 with construction companies and real estate companies taking the lead. It was reported that 4791 real estate and construction companies were incorporated. IT companies being on second with a number of 3,760 companies, 3534 trading companies, services and e-commerce with 2408 and 1038 companies respectively.

Other companies that got registered with SECP were 962 education related companies, 937 food and beverage companies, tourism stood at 790, textile at 701 and 671 marketing and advertisement companies. The remaining companies were registered in other sectors.

The growth rate during FY22 was reported to be 4% as compared to previous year as 26,502 new companies got registered with SECP. Due to this growth rate the total number of registered companies reached 172,234.

Considering the efficiency, 99.4% of companies were registered online and 23% companies were registered within the same day. The results were due to the effective use of automation and process optimization to facilitate the user and save the time to launch business in Pakistan.

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Out of the total companies registered in FY22 64% were registered as private limited companies, 33 were single member companies and remaining either unlisted public companies or not for profit associations, trade organizations, foreign companies or limited liabilities.

681 companies reportedly received foreign investments. Most foreign investment came from China (288 companies), US being second on the list (44 companies) followed by UK (42 companies), Afghanistan (40 companies), Germany (27 companies), Canada (15 companies) South Korea and Turkey (14 companies each), Palestine (11 companies), Netherlands (10 companies), Australia, Norway and Singapore (8 companies each).

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