Second Covid-19 wave may become deadlier with virus mutation

Covid-19 mutation

The first wave of novel coronavirus was lethal but the current second COVID-19 wave is even deadlier owing to the virus mutation, say experts.

While a comparative data analysis of the first and second waves of novel coronavirus shows that the first wave was more lethal in Pakistan, health experts believe the ongoing wave may prove deadlier as the virus has mutated itself.

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Pakistan currently has again reached into the danger zone of the disease. This time, the second wave of coronavirus in the country is killing a big number of people. The reason behind the increasing positive coronavirus cases in Pakistan is said to be the violation of SOPs.

However, the government claims that both COvid-19 waves affected the masses in the same way, with the only difference being that the weather has turned cold and now health experts warn of virus mutation.

According to the health ministry, corona patients do not head towards hospitals rather they prefer to stay at home and prefer self-medication and only those with severe symptoms were being brought to hospitals during the renewed wave.

According to a graph of Covid-19 cases available, the first case of the novel coronavirus disease was reported in Pakistan on February 26. The daily new cases increased to 1,083 on May 4, 2,255 on May 13, 3,039 on May 31, 4,344 on June 3 (14 weeks after the outbreak), 5,485 on June 10, and 6,825 on June 14. As the number of cases started declining afterward, the daily tally curve touched the highest peak during the first wave in less than 16 weeks.

The cases dropped below 300 a day in September and the curve remained almost straight till October 20 after which the number of daily cases again rose to 1,000. The daily tally of new cases increased to 2,000 on Nov 10, crossed the 3,000 marks on Nov 24, jumped to 3,795 on Dec 6 (seven weeks after the resurgence).

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