Retired Teachers in Islamabad Struggle to Receive Pending Dues, Highlighting FDE’s Neglect

Retired Teachers in Islamabad Struggle to Receive Pending Dues, Highlighting FDE's Neglect

Retired teachers from various colleges under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) in Islamabad are currently facing distressing challenges as they encounter difficulties in receiving their pending dues, including the grant of traveling allowance (TA) and house rental ceiling upon retirement. Despite dedicating years of selfless service to the department and the nation, these educators find themselves disappointed and disheartened by the authorities’ negligent attitude. 

One retired Associate Professor, Inam Ellahi, who served for nearly 30 years in different ICT colleges, expressed his concerns over the delay in receiving his pending TA grant and rental ceiling payment. Similarly, Professor Azhar Ali Abbasi, retired since August 2022, revealed that he had been denied his rental ceiling dues. Dr. Mehboobullah, who retired from Islamabad Model College for Boys H-9, shared his financial worries as the department failed to contribute its share of the rental ceiling for over a year. 

Professor Iftikhar Ahmed, retired from Islamabad Model Postgraduate College of Commerce H-8/4, also faced non-payment of his rental ceiling for 19 months. A retired female associate professor expressed disappointment in the callous attitude displayed by the FDE, highlighting the contradiction between considering teachers as builders of the nation and the lack of recognition for their dedication. 

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Retired teachers deserve timely and fair compensation for their invaluable services. The negligence of the FDE in addressing their pending dues not only undermines the value of their contributions but also perpetuates financial strain among retired teachers. The education minister was urged to intervene and address these issues, emphasizing the ministry’s responsibility to ensure timely benefits for retired teachers. 

In response to the situation, FDE sources acknowledged an acute shortage of funds for the house ceiling, amounting to approximately Rs2.5 billion. The FDE has submitted a request to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, and subsequently, the Education Ministry has forwarded a summary to the Finance Division. Once approved by the Finance Division, the liabilities will be cleared accordingly. 

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