Punjab Schools To Receive Internet Facility In Schools

Punjab Schools To Receive Internet Facility In Schools

The Punjab Schools Education Department has recently made the decision to provide internet facilities to all schools in the province. This move is aimed at improving education quality in Punjab by ensuring that students have access to internet-based educational resources. According to the department, an application is being developed to arrange lectures for students up to the level of FA. These lectures will be available for all subjects, providing students with an opportunity to study at home and avoid the need for tuition. 

In addition to this, the Punjab Schools Education Department has also approved the establishment of ten mobile schools in the province. The department will provide ten buses to facilitate this project, which will be exclusive for children in low-lying areas. The funds for these mobile schools will be provided by the federal government. 

The mobile school facility is an innovative project that is aimed at ensuring that all children in Punjab have access to education. The Punjab Secretary Schools, Maqbool Dhavla, has directed that the project be launched immediately to enable children to begin receiving education without delay. 

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The initiatives taken by the Punjab Schools Education Department are expected to make a positive impact on the education sector in the province. The provision of internet facilities to schools and mobile schools will ensure that every child in Punjab has access to quality education, regardless of their location or socio-economic status. 

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