Restaurant owners expect reopening of eateries across Pakistan

Restaurant owners

Dine-in facilities asked to be resumed by Restaurant owners, which were closed as a measure to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Sheikh Abdul Waheed, All Pakistan Restaurant Association chairperson asked the government to resume dine-in facilities of more than 100,000 restaurants that were closed due to lockdown. Across the country, there are almost a lac or more restaurants that have been closed for a long time.

On Friday at a press conference, the chairperson said that more than five million people of the country rely on the restaurants’ source of income. Lockdown has led those people to be rendered jobless.

“Business is not even equivalent to 10% in parcel and delivery services. Everything such as travel and markets has been reopened, only restaurants remain closed and the restaurant is not the only place where coronavirus spread. We will wait for a verdict from the government till May 31 and will resume our businesses after that, whatever the decision is,” he said. “If the government does not support us, we will be forced to come out onto the streets” He added.

He promised that SOPs would be followed by all restaurants.

In the end, he said that restaurant owners are amongst the highest taxpayers in the country.

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