Remember Pac-Man? Now it’s Recreated with AI


On May 22 one of the legends in digital game history Pac-Man turned 40 years old. Pac Man was the first video game that came to Japanese and American arcade games in 1980.

The new AI Pac-Man game is developed by Nvidia’s research team. The AI game came into being after more than 50,000 gameplay sessions were used to monitor the behavior, key presses and understanding of Pac Man game rules.

After gathering and compiling the knowledge the AI can work on its on to build a new version of AI. The will not be a just remake of arcade game into AI mode but the game will be added with new innovation.

Nvidia’s GameGan describes that AI technology learns the rule of Pac Man. The AI learned that the yellow hero can move all over the maze. The yellow hero Pac Man eats the pellets or you can say bullets while roaming around and ghost follow the Pac Man. It also learns what will happen whenever a ghost captures the yellow flash.

The AI technology learns everything without the game mechanics. It just analyzes it the way humans do. Through collectible knowledge, AI builds a new Pac Man version. Through design and mechanics used in the previous version by using that information AI will be able to develop new layouts. The trailer is released at the moment but the whole game will be released in the summer of 2020.

Making a Pac Man game is just an experiment that shows that AI technology is working fine. Further, it can be used to make human life easier. Such as helping self-directed robots to understand how to work in a factory, warehouse or any assembly line.

Fans of Pac Man need to wait for more months and after that, they can finally play their childhood favorite game. The game will run very smoothly for sure.

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