PTV issues a new cheque to Rashid Mahmood: Actor vows not to work with PTV again

PTV new cheque Rashid Mahmood

PTV issues a new cheque to Rashid Mahmood and the veteran actor in his tweet said that he will neither work with PTV again nor use the amount that PTV has sent to him.

Pakistan’s veteran actor Rashid Mahmood a receiver of Pride of Performance and Chairman Empire Productions on his official Twitter account said that “After Apologies PTV Management, I receive another cheque from PTV, (Revised) Rs620 in to Rs9600.”

Rashid Mahmood also said that he has not cashed both cheques instead, the actor is planning to frame and place it on drawing room. The actor Rashid Mehmood also revealed that “I will not work in future with PTV. This is final.”

He then recorded a video thanking his fans, followers, and famous celeb who raised their voice for the injustice and disrespect shown by PTV for the veteran actor.

One of the Twitter users named Usman Javed expressed his feelings on the incident and said, “I am amazed we all pay Rs. 100 every month and in return these veteran actors got peanuts in return. Feel ashamed Sir.”

In his previous tweets, the actor mentioned that Pakistan Television (PTV) sent him a meager amount of Rs 620. In response, actors and directors showed unity and raised their voice against PTV for sending Rs. 620 cheque to the senior actor who worked tirelessly in the media industry and has an experience of over four decades.

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