PTA asks users to complain if getting less than 80% of advertised internet speeds


As Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) updated the country’s broadband internet policies, many Pakistanis may soon experience faster internet connections. The consumer conference was attended by the telecom regulator, who among other things discussed internet speeds in Pakistan. 

The PTA organised Consumer Conference 2022 with the theme “Consumers First” Thursday. Head of the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Salman Sufi was the chief guest. The CEO USF Pakistan, representatives of the IT and telecom industry, consumer rights groups, and the public also attended the event.

According to PTA, you should receive 80% of the advertised internet speeds and the minimum broadband internet speed in Pakistan should be 4Mbps (up from 256 kbps). For instance, if your connection is 10Mbps, you should always experience at least 8Mbps speed. You can formally complain to PTA about it if it is any lower. 

This should boost internet speeds across the country, especially in rural areas where download speed is slow. Therefore, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) describes itself as a “broadband” internet provider and offers you anything less than 4Mbps, you can immediately file a complaint to PTA. 

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Those who receive less than 80% of their intended internet connection speeds will also benefit from this advancement. It’s not obvious whether it applies to upload speeds as well or just downloads. There may finally be some hope for the many people with PTCL connections or any other services who experience speeds that are lower than what is advertised. 

How to Complain To PTA If Internet Speed is Slow

You can register your complaint by visiting PTA’s website and selecting “Consumer Complaints,”. Here, you can complete the online complaint form which requires some information about your identification and the kind of complaint you wish to file. Meanwhile you can also call the PTA’s customer service line at 0800-55055 to file a complaint. It is accessible every day from 9 am to 9 pm. 

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