Preparing for Tourist Influx: Rawalpindi Commissioner Directs Construction of Parking Plazas in Murree

He has instructed authorities to expedite efforts to build adequate parking areas in the region to facilitate the locals and the tourists.

As summer vacation draws near, hill stations like Murree are preparing for a substantial increase in tourist arrivals. In anticipation of this, Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha has called on authorities to prepare a comprehensive proposal for the construction of two parking plazas in the region. 

Chatha’s instructions were relayed by a spokesperson, who revealed that the commissioner has formed a committee consisting of representatives from the Program Monitoring Unit (PMU) and local government. Their task is to expedite the completion of the Murree master plan. During a meeting concerning the Murree contingency plan at his office, the commissioner underscored the urgency of finalizing the Murree master plan. He requested that all relevant authorities give this matter their immediate attention. 

The Director of Development and Xen Building have received specific instructions to visit Murree and generate a comprehensive proposal detailing the construction of two parking plazas. They are to identify suitable locations for these structures and present their findings at the upcoming meeting. 

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Commissioner Chatha emphasized the upcoming tourist season and the accompanying influx of visitors from across Pakistan to Murree and its neighboring hill stations. This surge in tourist numbers often results in significant traffic congestion due to insufficient and disorganized parking facilities. 

He highlighted the urgent need for additional parking spaces to accommodate both locals and tourists. By hastening the construction of the proposed parking plazas, authorities aim to mitigate the impending traffic challenges and provide a more convenient and enjoyable experience for visitors. 

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