PM Shehbaz Sharif announces end to loadshedding from May 1

Shehbaz loadshedding

As crippling power outages continue, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has issued the orders to end loadshedding in the country from May 1. 

He stated that the citizens cannot be put into trouble because of load shedding in the summer season and directed the concerned authorities to take immediate actions to resolve the issue. 

The premier also sought a long-term effective plan to put an end to the losses of loss-making power distribution companies. 

PM Shehbaz gave the commands during a high-level emergency meeting to overcome the prevailing electricity crisis in the country and put an end to loadshedding. 

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During the meeting, a comprehensive briefing on the generation of electricity and its transmission and consumption in the country was also given to the prime minister. 

The prime minister was told that out of 27 power plants that were closed down for over one year, 20 have been made functional. 

The forum was further briefed that the former government did not bother timely provision of fuel to operate the power plants. It was informed that the power plants were not repaired on time which produced a state of crisis in the power sector. 

Moreover, information regarding power generation was given at the meeting and it was told that the total power creation has touched 18,500 megawatts. 

However, PM Shehbaz was informed with regard to demand, a shortfall of 500 to 2,000 megawatts has been seen in the country thus the crippling loadshedding. 

Artificial shortage of diesel 

Meanwhile, PM Shahbaz also inquired about the complaints of an artificial shortage of diesel during the harvesting of crops. He personally took the notice of the issue and directed that those making artificial shortages must be recognized and immediate action must be taken against them. 

He ordered the concerned authorities to make sure a continuous supply of diesel to the farmers to operate the agriculture-related machinery. 

In addition, PM said that district administration in rural areas should ensure that the farmers do not face any difficulty in getting diesel. 

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