PM inaugurates Covid-19 Telehealth Portal in Islamabad

Telehealth Portal

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is showing his special interest to make the whole nation work together and the recent inauguration of Telehealth Portal is an example of that. According to him, the whole nation will work together to confront the threat of pandemic coronavirus.

He said it while giving confidence to the whole nation that we have to survive in this critical condition with courage until the vaccine is prepared to cure the virus. Advanced countries are also going through the same conditions although they have many resources, still developed countries are unable to cope with this critical situation.

PM then congratulated the whole team of digital Pakistan. His special assistant then told in detail that on Telehealth Portal. He describes that any citizen can directly contact any doctor through this free service.

PM then said that the doctor-to-people ratio is quite less in Pakistan that could be improved through this initiative. He hoped that volunteers will play an effective role who is registered with the service in far-flung areas across Pakistan.

“A safe environment will be provided to doctors and all patients. He further said that questions will be permitted to be asked and seek guidance from medical experts through this portal”, Dr. Zafar Mirza, the Special Assistant on Health said.

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