Pindi sees rise in sexual abuse cases against children and women in 2021

sexual abuse

At least 125 cases of sexual abuse against children and women in 2021 have been reported in Rawalpindi.

According to the report, 124 cases of sexual abuse against children and women were reported in Rawalpindi during the outgoing year. Out of them, 95 percent of the accused involved in rape abuses were arrested and were sent behind bars. Most accused could not be convicted due to weak investigation or a delay in getting DNA test reports.

As per police statement, children between the age of 4 and 19 faced sexual abuse during the last year, while 87 cases of sexual violence against women were also reported. Police also says that most of the accused involved in the child abuse cases were close relatives.

One of the cases where nineteen-year-old girl was raped and killed in the Jhanda Chichi Police Station limits. Police arrested three accused including a woman involved in the tragic murder and sent them to jail.

Another sexual abuse case is of a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by a teacher at a madrassa in Pirwadhai. The case is being heard in the courts.

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Report also shows that 2 mentally and physically paralysed children were sexually abused last year. In March last year, an 11-year-old boy was sexually abused by his father. The culprit was arrested and sent to jail on the complaint of the victim’s mother.

A student was raped in a college in Kalar Syedan. The Kalar Syedan police also arrested a gang last year for raping minors and sharing their inappropriate videos on social media.

Police further said that most of the cases of sexual offence were reported in September 2021, which stood at 22. However, the lowest number of rape cases were reported in January and April last year as in January and April, 12 cases were reported.

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